Spice and Wolf II episode 00

May 5, 2009

This has been release in last week I think, the Spice and Wolf II Episode 00, the title is The Wolf and the Amber Melancholy, I don't know why, alway like the Spice and Wolf episode title. As everyone know(I think), Spice and Wolf already confirm will be a season 2 in this July session, so Holo the Wise Wolf is back again. In meantime, this ep00 is release early for promoting I think., this episode has many Holo MOE facial expression. The fansubs I watch was from BSS, really has to thank them for the fast translation. Below might be the spoiler to you ;).

Ep 00 start with a very simple way yet unique, love how they make the starting with the music they use, it is excellent. The story start with Lawrence and Holo having dinner with Nola, not sure is encountered or continue the previous story, but I think this is happen on other town, since can chat so relaxing and calmly.

The conversation between them is about the incident that in the season 1, how Nola help Lawrence and smuggle the gold. Another was Holo is ultimate quiet, not talk much, but the facial impression is worth for thousand word ^^.

Then both Lawrence and Nola realize Holo is seldom talk and very quiet and ask her why not join the conversation, and she said she will join them after get drunk, so Lawrence no bother her and continue chating, the Holo shock emotion is very good ^^, she sure feel jealous that he dont bother her.

Lawrence and Nola also having a discussion that sheep like lick salt thing, and such and that, and Lawrence tell Nola that there is a punishment that use sheep to lick the criminal leg, so will be unstoppable laugh (-__-').

Holo suddenly not feeling well(actually is long time), fall down and fainted, and thus conclusion, she fall sick.

Then Holo having a dream, a dream that about her past, alone in the wheat farm long time ago, and continue like that many years, but those day come to a stop after meeting with Lawrence, because now is on the journey :), and can learn many thing as the journey goes by. It also can said something that similar to recap (it is a recap).

Finally, she wake up from the dream again, and because she having fever (cold), so they use so many blanket on her (lol).

Holo is trying to think about Lawrence (well for me is miss him), and when Lawrence come back to the room, she happy until her tail keep on moving.

Holo does has many different expression, this shock is because she see Lawrence angry face (that was mad >.<"). Lawrence is angry because she did not tell him she was not feeling well, and until collapse, this could be danger if is on the journey, and he also worry she get some illness that can't cure, so this see how much he care about her.

This is just cute ~!

Another MOE expression, love it.

Another dream again, but this time her dream has Lawrence, patient tend to be more dream, but at least not bad for her at least I think.

Holo as alway, after wake up by Lawrence, and Lawrence bring her some favorite apple cider, and she quickly wakeup and hit her head, as alway, Holo love to eat.

Another unresistant expression from Holo xD.

Due to the too dilute on the apple cider, so Holo complaint a lot and Lawrence explain to her that she why she must drink dilute apple cider. Different sick will need to use different method to get better especially on food, for example the wine will make patient too hot, and apple will be too dry and bla bla, so has to mix. When she heard Lawrence going to make her "sheep milk in steaming bowl of porridge with slices of apple and goat cheese" and then her stomach start to make noise and want to eat.

Another good expression ~

While preparing for her meal, Holo fall back to sleep, and this time really a nightmare, she dream of her hometown and some friend, and a Lawrence, but she choose Lawrence, and she run toward Lawrence, he become skeleton. This mean her life will be much more longer, and will be alone again, and she wake up with tear(T_T).

I bet those who see Holo in this sad, will want to hug/protect/comfort her @@'. When someone get sick, really like to think/dream many unnecessary thing, but sometime that quite true also.

Patient alway has priority, you can see how Lawrence care about Holo (I wish I will be the Lawrence lol).

After finish eat the "sheep milk ....", the conversation go to the following meal and etc, and Holo still want the "sheep milk......", but because after afternoon, the fresh sheep milk cost will be increase (Lawrence quite stingy sometime,but he is a merchant, counting is the best...), and Holo prefer fresh milk also, and so Lawrence decided to ask Nola to help since she is a shepherd. After mention about Nola, Holo face straight away change into a very angry (smell of jealous) look, but she look good ^^.

After finish the conversation, Holo went back to rest, Nola also come to visit Holo, and so another conversation start.

So Holo ask Nola the trick to herding sheep, and she answer to have an open heart, and the atmosphere change with a wind blow, and the atmosphere is very nice.

Then Lawrence try to join the conversation, and both of the girl start laughing and claim this is the secret between girl, and later Lawrence follow the laughing as well. And that the end of the episode.

The Wolf and the Amber Melancholy
The End

Overall the episode 00 was really well done to me, love the music and the story it tell, although it is not a serious episode, but it is quite "warm" to watch it, erm, can really feel the warm. Holo in this episode bring alot of different expression, MOE! Can feel some impact during the dream of Holo. I really can't wait for the season II start, few month more ;).

That all, thank you for reading.

[End here]

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Ether 13 September, 2011 11:50  

do you know what the name is of the song that plays during the first episodes opening credits?

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