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May 6, 2009

This Soul Eater XP Theme finally found, and it request by you guy too. This theme crawl quite a lot of page only found it :D. Soul Eater is a manga/anime series, anime ended few season ago(if remember correctly). The theme is get from the ComicDD forum and created by gy8353411.

The theme mainly is use bright colour as shown in picture above, actually quite bring for me.

This is another skin of this theme, you can change it at "Display Properties" > "Appearance" tabs > "Color Scheme".

Now i only found out I make a mistake on the screencapture, sorry about that lol. Get the theme via below links ;). Forget to mention, this theme has no sound include, and our friend Justin has include the sound and some minor changes, please read at below comment for details ^^.

Download Links
Deposit Files
Easy Share

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5 comment(s):

justin 07 May, 2009 05:20  

omg yes! you're fckin awesome!! thanks much

justin 07 May, 2009 07:11  

So, i got to tweaking this theme because there was no sound, I have uploaded here sounds for log on and log off, replaced the default wallpaper, and edited the theme file

to apply, just place the sound and wallpaper folder under soul, replacing the wallpaper folder and replace the theme file :)

m 23 August, 2009 15:22  

alright i download the file and downloaded justin's tweaks and extracted to desktop replaced wallpaper added sound and replaced the theme file and it still says that the theme is missing files ill try again later ; ; any help tho or tips u guys might wanns hed some light into?

Not Fair 24 August, 2009 15:33  

erm, not so sure about it, but do the folder u extract put into the C:\windows\resources\theme ?

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