Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha Vivid Memory;01☆ (updated 26 May)

May 25, 2009

Finally the Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha Vivid is start it chapter on the magazine name Comp Ace July issue (hopefully right name). The magazine will release by tomorrow, but some people already get their hand on the magazine, and so some of the picture of Nanoha Vivid is spread early ^^.

Nanoha Vivid series is the story focus on Vivio's adventure and the life with mothers. The above picture showing Nanoha and Fate together ^^ too (yes! ~ touching).

Vivio transformation will become adult which just like when she in the StrikerS series, it is a good news for those Vivio fans. If not wrong, the rabbit that Nanoha give to Vivio is her device -__-'. The transfomation shock Fate(?), lol.

The enemy(big boss?) will be appear in the 1st chapter as well, also a king(not sure is what king). It seem like the enemy also will transform into adult which same as Vivio. I wonder Vivio have learn extra thing from Nanoha, like "... just call me my name.."?

She might be the boss, but no one know yet.

Hopefully the scan will release early, look forward to it. Source via Leoheart's Diary, you can go there for other pictures and Nanoha's news ;).

The scan is out, but not all, and also some translate too (in chinese), more scan can be read view from Nanoha Station, for me just see the scan also feel happy lol ^^, so now only patient to wait for the remaining scan and translation.

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Eternia 25 May, 2009 22:40  

A great news for Nanoha fans. O_O
Hopefully a scanlator will pick it soon.

Not Fair 26 May, 2009 18:37  

ya, hopefully got any scanlator will pick it up, but usually it translate by fans more than scanlator...

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