Mahou Senki Ririkaru Nanoha Force Chapter00

May 2, 2009

Yeah, this is the Mahou Senki Ririkaru Nanoha Force (4th season) chapter 00, Record begining... Although is just that few page, but it is enough for starting ^^. The one I read is translated into chinese, and this 1 I found at other place. The starting of the chapter 00 is showing Reinforce (above picture) and brief on the old incident we saw on the anime series .

I just upload sample of this manga, soon I think those fansubs will be release(maybe?). Chapter 00 basically show some usual character of previous series, like Fate, Nanoha, Teana and etc (the "big" version of Reinforce Zwei, not bad^^).

Nanoha and her daugther Vivio ^^.

New character in the Mahou Senki, Touma(?) and Lily.

The new character should be the main character of this 4th season story(?), according to the below below picture, Nanoha, Fate & Hayate also still is consider a important character and will appear in the manga later, mean no more main character I guess :(. The trio and other old characters already promoted into a higher ranking (since it already few years after the StrikerS ending).

As you can see, the character expression in this final page of the chapter 00 look quite serious, some big thing will happen, so looking forward to next chapter (end of July only release T_T). I really can't regconize Hayate (if I did not see her hairpin...), she look so stress and like a big boss -__-', what exactly has happen in this few years around her, but she look cool ^^.

Some information on the new character.

The story might related to the Book of Darkness and Reinforce, because Reinforce got appear and above picture got a book that look similar to the Book of Darkness, well this is just my guess. Main character is changed(no wonder release manga lol, just kidding), so mean the story most likely will focus on them, but anyway still will be looking forward to it, because still "Nanoha".

This is the newest Nanoha Movie 1st poster ^^, I love both of this poster scan, both also look AWESOME! (> > large version of Nanoha & Fate poster scan). Final word, hope to see the manga of next chapter(both Mahou Senki and Vivid) soon, and hope to see the Movie soon >.<".

[End here]

3 comment(s):

Minagi Reito 03 May, 2009 01:31  

i want to read this *¬*

Eternia 03 May, 2009 11:12  

Yeah, there will be Nanoha 1st movie soon. Looking forward for it. *_*
Thanks for the posters~

Not Fair 03 May, 2009 23:11  

@Minagi Reito
if you read this at, erm, not sure here got or not, but can try ur luck.

np ^^.

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