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May 4, 2009

Another K-On! XP Theme I found in the ComicDD forum, created by ... not sure what the name lol, and I forget to change the name of the creator in the "Read Me" file (>.<"), so ignore that. Mio!!! is so HO, so MOE !!! xD.

I like this theme colour more, which look more cool, but the previous one also not bad, hope there will be more great K-On! theme coming. This pack I have included a extra icon pack, a logon screen for wide/normal resolution, I did not include the logon screen/interface replacing software, but you can download it here if you do not have.

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jadesterne 04 May, 2009 11:57  

Another K-On! Theme.....so good;). Thank you^^.

stressemann 05 May, 2009 07:18  

How do I install this theme?

Not Fair 05 May, 2009 13:43  

this no need do any installation. You just has to uncompress/unzip/unrar, then copy the K-On folder and K-On.theme into the "C:\windows\resources\theme" (something like this), then it should be work fine, if it doesn't, please refer to below links (read the no effect after apply).

stressemann 05 May, 2009 19:46  

@Not Fair: I've done it. Thanks a lot... but still I got some problem... I can't make the image in K-On+02.JPG appear.. I mean the background for window viewing.. I's plain white to me..

Not Fair 05 May, 2009 20:48  

er? Window viewing? can you screencapture to me? actually which is K-On+02.JPG lol, I forget is which 1 already >.<".

Not Fair 05 May, 2009 20:53  

wait, i think i understand what you mean.

did the skin of the windows bar all change? if it change then it should be no problem on those folder background. And not all folder will has background.

stressemann 06 May, 2009 12:21  

[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_p0xfwCMKWKg/Sf21RCx7wSI/AAAAAAAAExk/osjzMhDC3BA/s320/K-On+02.JPG] - this image... hehehehe...

here's my screenshot i don't have window backgrounds like those...

thanks for the help..

Not Fair 06 May, 2009 18:53  

erm, make it clear 1st, those background only exist those folder like "My Pictures", "My Music", and etc, those folder is the folder that already recognize by window that is like picture folder and etc.

Another thing is if your windows skin has change, and the folder background did not appear in any type of folder that I mention above, then I think the effect is off, it can be activate it under the folder option, give me sometime to search it, later come back to you ;).

Not Fair 06 May, 2009 19:54  

sry is not folder option.

Please go to System Properties (right-click My Computer + Properties) > Advanced > Settings (under Performance). See the "Use a background image for each folder type" is selected or not, like below picture.

if after activate still do not have, then I do not know.

stressemann 06 May, 2009 22:23  

thanks man, it was a big help, although not all of the same pic like yui and others showed.. it was enough mio showed up..

Not Fair 06 May, 2009 23:24  

lol, that was weird, only Mio show -_-', I really can't help lol, not sure what problem, sry about that ;).

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