Hayate no Gotoku (Hinagiku) XP Theme

May 7, 2009

This is another theme that need to crawl many page only able to found it in ComicDD. This is another requested theme, and the theme is using Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku, she is actually quite cute/cool/hot (depend on situation). Theme from ComicDD, and created by gy8353411.

As you can see, this version of Hinagiku theme is quite sexy and hot, I hope you guy ok with it, because this is the only Hinagiku theme I has found ^^, if see others I will bring it here. Oh ya, I will away for few days until sunday, so no reply until then, sorry for can't answer anything. So see ya later ^^.

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9 comment(s):

Eternia 07 May, 2009 16:44  

It's my request!
Thanks so much.

Pokkun 07 May, 2009 20:09  

I wonder if there is ARIA the animation theme? Search everywhere and found nothing T_T

jadesterne 08 May, 2009 09:40  


Not Fair 10 May, 2009 23:18  

I'm BACK!!! Glad you guy like the Hinagiku theme :D

erm, ARIA I find long time already, still find nothing, so can't help T_T, I also hope someone will make it.

justin 11 May, 2009 03:31  

very nice :)

fatefan made moon light cradle H game theme:

Not Fair 11 May, 2009 09:17  

thank to inform :D

MelvanYongYaowei 23 October, 2009 17:00  

ehh... i cannot use le, they say missing something from the list,also ask me check -.-lll

Not Fair 23 October, 2009 18:21  

can you print screen of the error/warning message for me?

MelvanYongYaowei 22 April, 2011 12:25  

lol. sorry for replying after 2 years~

Error:The theme could not load because one of the needed theme files could not be found.This can happen with themes that are not installed or authored correctly.You should verify that wallpapers,screensaver,icons,sounds, and other files are in the correct location


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