Full Metal Alchemist XP Theme

May 1, 2009

The FMA XP theme sure can be a lot again due to the new FMA Brotherhood, but not so soon yet because the picture source not sufficient enough. This FMA theme is created by Fatefan, thank him again because has created another good theme.

As you can see, this theme still using the previous FMA for making the theme, because current season FMA still not enough picture source to making one, but anyway, old or new one, FMA also awesome ^^.

This theme has come with two different skin, as alway, you can change the skin(color scheme) from the "Appearance" tabs under the "Display Properties".

This theme also include with the large icon(png) file, you can use it for other purpose. The icon for Windows XP also quite a lot (inside the folder). It also come with two different wallpaper, but it has no widescreen :(. Anyway, if have any problem please leave a comment ;).

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5 comment(s):

justin 03 May, 2009 07:47  

woot, seems great! i guess the sounds are from the new FMA? cause i don't recognize it lol

btw, the Otoboku fix worked great! thanks for fixing that

btw, do you know if there is any Soul Eater theme?

Not Fair 03 May, 2009 23:12  

ya, the sound should be from the new one (lol, I also not remember well >.<").

Soul Eater, erm, not too sure, but might got, need to crawl the ComicDD forum 1st ^^.

shalini.bani 28 December, 2010 15:19  

The FMA theme is not working on my computer. It displays an error message whenever i open it. Pleae help me....

Cpt Snoopy 01 July, 2011 02:36  

how do you go about making something like this?

Not Fair 01 July, 2011 10:18  

im not the one who make it.

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