Eroge banned in Japan?

May 29, 2009

The eroge which fall under rape category will be banned in Japan, include ban from selling and production. The rape category in here is mean the player can violently rape girls on the train and etc inside the game, another word for this is Ryojyoku.

Best example of the game is Rapelay by illusion, it is bought up as an issue in British Parliament in February, and so now Japan has taken some action against those Ryojyoku game, in result of ban from selling and production.

Although I do not like to play Ryojyoku's game, but I wonder British Parliament protest against Rapelay for what, maybe they are too free on nothing to do, and try to bought up issue so that they have work to do. Eroge is just a game, if they said people will learn it from playing the game, then it same goes for movie and novel, right?

Source via Dannychoo and Canned Dogs.

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Eternia 30 May, 2009 17:01  

Yeah. Those parliements are just some stupid, smelly middle-aged men.
If they afraid of people imitating..
how about fighting? Shooting each other using gun? Stabbing each other? Remember how a boy died from imitating Naruto?
They should just ban everything if they are really that afraid! Or they can shave their heads, become hermits and live in the forest.

Not Fair 04 June, 2009 09:57  

haha, lol at hermits.....

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