DaiCon 2009

May 2, 2009

I just found out this coming soon expo (or event) in my country, and it name DaiCon - A Celebration of Japanese Modern Visual Culture which held by EMiNA (Society of Modern Visual Culture of Multimedia University). Well, it look promising event/festival to me, and one of the largest event(expo). This event will be in two days, on 11 - 12 July, still got 2 month + ^^.

So far from what I saw in DaiCon website, it include quite alot of exhibition and competition such as J-Pop Exhibition, GO Adventure, Macross Compendium, Cosplay Competition (a must have event on ACG related event), Figurine Exhibition (can photoshoot nice figure ^^), and Karaoke Competition, beside this, maybe will has more coming soon.

DaiCon was shocked me(a really big surprise) because Chihara Minori will be attending the DaiCon (include performance too ^^), detail via here. She is the voice cast of the Nagato Yuki(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu), and Minami Chiaki(Minami-ke), I think you know who is she. So decision make, no matter what I also will attend the DaiCon.

The video is the DaiCon Teaser Trailer, well, I think I heard the music in the trailer before from a video call "Nostromo - Magic Pad", the music name Hammer & Funabashi Remix(?).

If has any more surprise on this expo, I will update it here. This is quite big event(1st time) in Malaysia, I really looking forward to it (currently spreading this news to all my friend lol), hope in future there will be more. Anyway, if you live near Malaysia, will you be attending DaiCon?

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Eternia 03 May, 2009 11:14  

I live in Indonesia, which is actually very close. But I am still in school, there's no way I can cover the travel expense. Tohohoho. T_T

Not Fair 03 May, 2009 23:09  

ya, true also. Actually myself also wish to attend many oversea event, but.. same reason T_T ....

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