Black Rock Shooter XP Theme

May 12, 2009

Another cool theme I found in ComicDD, this is the Black Rock Shooter xp theme. Some of you might know who is she, she is the Black Rock Shooter(is this her name?).

From what I heard, she is base on Hatsune Miku, dark/cool version of Hatsune Miku? This theme is quite cool as I mention above, I think is because the character already look cool, and the colour using black as well.

Found the above picture in MoeImouto, quite a lot of fanarts from this character ^^. The full version of the picture above via here.

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Eternia 12 May, 2009 16:38  

There are lots of controversial around this character, the guy who created her the first time claimed her as an original character, but most people assume her as a remake of Hatsune Miku. SO.. it's quite correct for you to put lots of question marks, LOL.
Thanks for the cool theme.

Not Fair 12 May, 2009 21:15  

oic, no wonder, but I really dunno about this character, until I saw the the figure, seem like it has a lot of history lol.

thanh 04 July, 2009 22:26  

Do you know where i can get the hatsune miku themes.

Not Fair 05 July, 2009 14:02  

I dont know, I did not see any so far -.-', maybe you can try google it.

Koutaro Shisain 13 December, 2010 14:07  

why is doesnt work when im in the folders...theres no image BG???can you tell me why???tnxx

Koutaro Shisain 13 December, 2010 14:08  

why is that when im in the folders section...theres no image BG...i dont know why but i install it perfectly....

pr0z_tombraider 20 February, 2011 23:37  

hey's do u know how to get the BRS themes tt is on top of the 1st pic?

Not Fair 26 February, 2011 17:22  

for those folder problem, please refer to here:

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