Anime Advertising?

May 12, 2009

Mio ^^

Anime alway can help to advertising a product. As you see, Mio is wearing this headphone in ep5 of K-On!, and it in directly make the product become popular, but I believe more or less is because of those super fan that want the thing that Mio have.

AKG K701 (cost USD$250 or more -__-')

Above is the real thing of the AKG K701, a headphone that cost more than USD$250, which is a very expensive headphone to me >.<', now I only know Mio is so rich lol. Due to it appearance in K-On! episode 5, the headphone become sold out in The ranking of the this Headphone even go up to the 4th popular earphone in Kakaku (totally jump 43 place). Even the phone (D902i) in the above picture become a popular item.

Sudden increment at the sale

The sudden increment of the sale is totally GOD, almost 90degree. KyoAni has done it again, from what I remember, the anime from KyoAni also make a big influence, like previous Suzumiya Haruhi series, Lucky Star, and now K-On!. Previously, Yui's guitar also become a more popular guitar because of it appearance in K-On!. Those fan so rich to willing spend on the headphone, for me I really can't buy lol, too expensive already. Source via ACG Space.

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Eternia 13 May, 2009 18:33  

Yui is also freaking rich, LOL. What kind of parent would hand over 50,000 thousands yen to their daughter who said that she wanted to buy a guitar. They don't even bother to find out if she can really play or not.
Nanoha Movie trailer is posted on youtube already, in case you are interested.

Not Fair 13 May, 2009 19:08  

ya, true also, and maybe they love their daughter lol.

Nanoha movie trailer is so nice ^^, but still got a long way till it release.

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