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Apr 23, 2009

This is another theme from Fatefan, but it is not a recent theme, it is release in last year by Fatefan, so you can see a very big different compare to current theme. I also do not know got this theme until Jadesterne told me, so I repost it, since requested.

This theme required install, I did not extract out is because it can straight away use after the install(extract). Anyway, this has include some system voice, maybe you can use it at other area. So download link a below, and see the side note below for the extraction.

Side Note

Download Links

[End here]

2 comment(s):

jadesterne 23 April, 2009 22:52  

@Not Fair
This theme colour make me remember Valentine day's. Thank you so much^^.

Not Fair 24 April, 2009 09:49  

lol, hope you like it, other theme u requested, will be up soon (slowly 1 by 1), but give me some time ;).

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