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Apr 15, 2009

Another great theme from Fatefan, this theme was featuring the Memories Off games(PC/PSP/PS2), maybe some of you not familiar with it, here is the link. I personally like this game, love the character design, then the story also quite ok, but take time, galgame usually a lot of wording, so eye will be very tired >.<".

I only played the Memories Off ~And Then~ (Memories Off ~Sorekara~ or Memories Off 3) before and love the 3 of them out of 5 girl, Inori, Yukari, Miyabi(the girl3 girl of the below preview folder background ^^), 3 of them also the main character of the Memories Off ~And Then Again~(spin off).
Anyway, as you can see, the theme was cover quite many character, from Memories Off I to V (VI also might include, not sure is because Im not recognize episode 6 character lol). The theme come with a extra icon folder, that 1 is the 220*220 pixel of png file of the icon, so you can use it for other purpose. The theme did not come with any other sound, so no sound can be change.
Hopefully the theme you can use it without any problem, like prompt you some error before it able to use it, i scare is because the default path i currently using is not same "C:", if it has problem, either you can try to change the path inside the .Theme file(open with notepad), or manually apply everything(more info please refer to my other post). This theme also come with 3 type of color, black, blue and red, you can change under the display properties > appearance(see below side note).

Side Note

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justin 16 April, 2009 05:46  

great! thanks man...its a shame there's no sound tho

justin 16 April, 2009 05:50  

it seems the icons dont register because it shows it as K directory instead of C, so just change that to C and ur good lol

i wonder tho, the system exit and system start sounds seem to point to the Kara no Kyoukai sounds folder? 0.o

jadesterne 16 April, 2009 16:58  

I try to open Memories Off.theme in note pad and i found :
DefaultValue=%WinDir%Resources\Themes\Kara no Kyoukai\Sounds\Off.wav
DefaultValue=%WinDir%Resources\Themes\Kara no Kyoukai\Sounds\Start.wav
this theme use kara no kyoukai sound. Memories Off theme actually doesn't have sound or ???
Btw, thank you so much for this beautyfull theme.^^

jadesterne 17 April, 2009 09:17  

Umm...sorry i don't read properly so please don't approved my old post.
When i visit fatefan blog, i find ToHearth2, Yoake mae yori ruriiro na - Crescent Love, koihime mushou, tears to tiara and the other theme.
but unfortunatly i don't know how to download from fatefan blog and this theme no found here. So If possible please give your hand need your great help for this. Thank you so much again and again.^^
> sorry bad english (from indonesia).

Eternia 18 April, 2009 22:01  

Beautiful theme. Even though I have never known this game. ^_^

Not Fair 20 April, 2009 10:10  

o, the sound of kara's is because previously i using the kara's sound, so forget to change lol, sorry about that. This theme has come with no sound ;).

er, ok, if you want those theme i can repost, but i'm not sure the theme still available for downlaod or not, hopefully still valid ;).

i'm glad you guy love the theme ^^.

jadesterne 23 April, 2009 14:29  

Thank you so much.....I'll be wait^^.

Not Fair 23 April, 2009 14:41  

uploading ToHeart 2 and Yoake ...., so later will be repost it :).

XxxLi4nGxxX 29 March, 2012 13:30  

sir, can u create another link for download..i mean like mediafire or else..coz i cnt open the link that u gv..

XxxLi4nGxxX 29 March, 2012 14:21  

can gv other link? i cnt open those 2 link..thx

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