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Apr 27, 2009

Quite long time did not go check the newest preorder list of figure, and I found this, a real trap. The figure look quite ok, and she(?) has a beautiful look too. She was from the manga/anime series of Maria Holic, anime just ended not long ago, manga still on going. The series is about a girl find a girlfriend(soul partner) and discover the one she love is a male who like to wear female cloth (erm, something like that).

If you has read the manga or watch the anime, you know who is she right? Although she look beautiful, but she is a trap. Actually there is quite a lot of "trap" character has made into figure.

Although she is a trap, but she is quite beautiful, and the figure was quite nice, look quite similar to the original design. She is schedule to release in August, and the price was normal(but due to the currency conversion, it become very expensive >.<"). More picture can refer to below links.

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Eternia 29 April, 2009 09:29  

A beautiful TRAP figure.
I wonder if it's sold well.

Not Fair 29 April, 2009 11:20  

ya, it is a beautiful "trap" figure. I believe it can sold well, since many people dont care it is a trap or not lol.

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