Kara no Kyoukai XP Theme (another ver.)

Apr 10, 2009

First of all, sorry to hide so long(too busy lately), now finally gone back to normal(a bit ^^), all my project finally finish, so now has to prepare my final exam :(. Anyway, long time no on, so here I come back with a repost XP Theme, another XP theme from FateFan, and this is the Kara no Kyoukai theme.

This theme has come with two type of skin, two also dark colour, and this theme also come with a wallpaper for widescreen (you can find it inside the wallpaper folder). Just has to download the file from below, extract then paste it to the theme folder (other details please refer to my other XP theme).
Above picture is the preview of the both skin (in wide screen). You can choose the skin under the Display Properties > Appearance (more details please refer to below side note.). At last, really really thank to the FateFan who provide such a great theme, and I hope you guy like it ;). BTW, did you guy use the deposit files or the easy share to download the file, how is the speed? I can't even download lol (restricted >.<"), but can upload.

Side Note

Download Links
Deposit Files

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9 comment(s):

Luilton 10 April, 2009 21:38  

Não sou chegado... valeu.


Not Fair 10 April, 2009 21:42  

I don't understand @.@", anyway, I hope you like the theme :).

Minagi Reito 12 April, 2009 02:16  

what Luilton said were he don't like much it...perhaps he were talking about of Kara no Kyoukai anime!

sorry for any error,my english is not good yet ^^'

i liked this theme very much .o/
thanks for it!

justin 12 April, 2009 05:05  

great thx a lot! it seems tho the wallpaper are too small?

oh, i mostly use sendspace lol or megaupload

Lucky 12 April, 2009 08:39  

Really good themes, but why this one is called "another ver."?

Eternia 12 April, 2009 11:54  

Someone used alien's speech.. huh.
It's been long time, but you are back with great XP theme once again.
I hope fatefan would make theme for this April's anime, teehee.

Not Fair 12 April, 2009 12:44  

lol, thx for the translate lol.


The wallpaper too small is because i make it center (i using 1920*1080 now, so -.-'..).

I call it another version is because previously there is another version from fatefan too.

ya, i hope he will make some april's anime too. If i'm not wrong, the zero team (i reposted before as well, and i currently also inside the team) will be doing some april's anime theme. ^^

justin 13 April, 2009 03:51  

ic...fatefan made a beautiful Visual Novel theme of Memories Off Soreka Again!


wondering what is that girl icons on the top bar of the theme?

Not Fair 15 April, 2009 15:29  

As alway, get news faster than me lol.

That not only Memories Off Soreka Again!, got other character too(but mix into a theme), from the Memories Off I ~ V (i think is till episode 5 >.<").

This theme also come with extra Icon that has 220*220 pixel of png format.

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