Apr 20, 2009

This season has alot of nice and great new anime. Currently has spot few nice anime, such as Tears to Tiara, Full Metal Alchemist, Cross Game, K-On! and etc, well this is just my personal taste lol. The unexpected turn out to be ultra hot and popular I think will be K-On!, do you agree? If you has follow this season anime, I think you already know this anime.

After watching the first episode of the K-On!, I also fall into this anime, because of Akiyama Mio for me lol, she is moe in some sense, and the ending theme, Mio look so hot ^^. Never thought she is a shy person,with her personality is totally WIN! Now I waiting for Mio's figure to release ;), hopefully will has a nice figure of her. Other character in this anime actually was not bad, especially Yui, I alway lol at her. The 4 main character is a quite powerful combination.

Although K-On! has no blockbuster, powerful story base, but it turn out to be quite enjoyable, slice of life(is this what it call?). More picture about K-On! you can find in Moe Imouto. Below has the ending theme of the K-On!, which is really really great^^. That all for today, thank you for reading.

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Eternia 20 April, 2009 17:52  

Sure. This is the cutest anime for this season. And the ending song rocks too. I already have the full version, you know, altho the quality isn't the best yet. We have to wait for it's audio CD release on APril 22th. And then hopefully someone would ripped and share it, teehee.

Even so, my favorite anime song this season is FMA Brotherhood OP. Titled "Again" and sung by Horie Yui. It's really a great song! And I also obtained it's full version already. ^_^ I would set my Winamp to 'Repeat Track' then listen to it over and over~

All YUI's songs are just too great.

Not Fair 23 April, 2009 14:43  

K-On both song full version release, now listening to it, quite not bad also(abit below my expectation).

FMA OP also not bad. I has to agree, YUI's song was quite good, I love her song as well.

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