Hayate no Gotoku II XP Theme

Apr 29, 2009

This is the Hayate no Gotoku II XP Theme, and this is created by Team Zero (it can be seen in Fatefan blog is because he is one of them). This is one of the current season anime theme, so will be more from Team Zero. This theme is still in beta(version 1.0), so not the final version yet.

This theme required to install, I did not skip the installation part is because it is very straight forward, I believe you can do it as well. It require password, it is inside the user agreement. This theme has include screensaver I think. During installation, please read clearly, see below special note for details as well. If you has any idea on this theme or any bug, please tell me, I will inform them, thank you.

Other theme like those old theme from fatefan will be delay abit, because the download speed was really damn low (and half way download failed somemore T_T).

Special Note

After execute the exe file, please choose the language, let said english.

After that, just keep on "Next", you will reach user agreement page before this, the password is in there, but for your convenient, I give you the password ("bbs.acgdiy.com"), this is the password so do not go to that link to seek for password.

After Next again, this will be the page that allow you to choose the size of the wallpaper, so choose the one you suitable, if do not have then use your own wallpaper.

After Next again, it will reach this page, please wait for 20sec only press the "close" button, because it is extracting some files, so please be patient. After that just follow the instruction will do.

Download Links
Deposit Files
Easy Share

[End here]

4 comment(s):

jadesterne 29 April, 2009 12:52  

Beautyfull theme and cute screen saver lol. Thank you so much^^.

Not Fair 29 April, 2009 15:19  

^^. Your requested theme will be delay, either my ISP got problem or the ComicDD server there got problem :(.

Eternia 29 April, 2009 17:46  

Arigatou Gozaimasu~
I wonder if there's Hinagiku focused theme. LOL

Not Fair 30 April, 2009 10:13  

maybe got, maybe only, if i saw i will inform u ^^.

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