Fate-T-Harlaown Sonic Form

Apr 3, 2009

Long time did not check the figure and anime news, and once I check, I only know I miss out a lot of thing>.>", but I very happy to see Alter Fate start it preorder now, I saw this unpainted version before, which look very cool, and now finally pain, which is AWESOME, love it ^^.
Side look of Fate Sonic Form which appear in ep22 (or 23?), which very cool and sexy. The figure also come with 2 replaceable sword. This figure is very nice, but the price :(, and recently the Japan currency is damn expensive, really really hard to get this figure for me :(. Visit below link for more picture.

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Eternia 03 April, 2009 21:36  

But I like loli and flat chested Fate better.

Not Fair 10 April, 2009 21:03  

so you are DFC (Delicious Flat Chest) supporter? Although I like the loli Fate, but also like the adult version ^^.

Kaede 13 April, 2009 07:11  

Wow, Iam sure that iam going to buy this... How much does it cost by the way? Oh, and how aout striker X? do you know if theya re going to make a movie? Or will they stick to a manga?... WHERE CAN I BUY THE MANGA XD!!!!


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