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Mar 3, 2009

This is the Kuroshitsuji Windows XP Theme, the theme also create by fatefan, and it just release few day ago. This is the final version of Kuroshitsuji XP theme from fatefan, I do not know what the different with other version, but anyway I hope you guy like it.

I never watch the anime or read the manga, but alway see has quite a number of people discussing it. The theme itself not bad, using a black colour skin, and the background picture is quite nice too. I think fans might be like it.
Enjoy the theme, and download links at below. The step on using this theme please refer to my other XP theme's post. Thank you.^^

Update: 26 Feb 2011
For your information, I also include another 2 version, include the version 2 and 3. And also I already updated below link for the final version.

Update: 23 Mar 2011
Recently the file remove is too fast, I wonder because of those image also lead to a copyright issue? Or they randomly remove base on the name? Copy the link urself and paste it to download it.

Download Links
Final Version (preview as above)
File Factory
File Sonic
Easy Share

Version 2.0 (preview)

File Factory
File Sonic
Easy Share

Version 3.0 (preview)
Easy Share

File Sonic
File Factory

45 comment(s):

Jessica 05 March, 2009 12:45  

i figure i should let you know, the megaupload link leads to this really sketch smiley download.

maybe its something i did wrong, but i figured i'd point it out just in case.

i used sendspace and its fine. thanks so much!

Not Fair 07 March, 2009 17:07  

ok thx, but sometime megaupload for me also got problem ;), i guess it depend on different area. Anyway thx for inform.

Junny 10 March, 2009 22:51  

hey, anybody knows why when i applied the theme, there's no background character when I opened my file? HELP!!!Please!

Not Fair 13 March, 2009 21:45  

I think because ur XP did not patch, please refer to my older reposted XP theme, inside has solution ;).

Deidara sama 14 March, 2009 14:33  

prompt me please what program this theme must work through?

Not Fair 15 March, 2009 09:26  

you required to install the UXTheme patch in order to use the theme, you can go here for the details, remember read through the UXTheme title.

d-chan 28 March, 2009 13:14  

the file doesn't contain the mouse right click background

Not Fair 15 April, 2009 15:31  

this theme never have mouse right click background, did you refer to other theme?

AlexyaNox 30 April, 2009 04:49  

I have a question. I made the theme work, sounds and skin and everything. However, the background images only appear to some of the folders. Is it supposed to be like that or did I do something wrong? Anyway, great work. I love it.

Not Fair 02 May, 2009 21:54  

so which folder it did not show the background?

AlexyaNox 02 May, 2009 22:43  

Well actually it is a general issue. When I access certain folder s the images with Sebi/Ciel etc. appear, but more often than not the background is normal. Is it supposed to be doing that?

Not Fair 02 May, 2009 22:50  

basically not all folder will be showing, only those certain special folder, such as the folder is associate as picture, music or video (this few type of folder originally also has background).

If it still not show then got a option did not apply(forget where already, something like the folder properties or option there), if it show and sometime don't then I'm not sure what problem >.<".

AlexyaNox 02 May, 2009 22:53  

Well actually that makes sense... The folders that do change are the ones where I keep my anime and my pictures and stuff like that lol. Guess it's all good then, right?

Not Fair 02 May, 2009 22:58  

ya, should be, so remember, only those folder that recognize by Windows XP as a picture folder, video folder and etc, only will has those background. Good example is "My Pictures", "My Music", "My Video". :D

Medusa 04 August, 2009 12:02  

I downloaded the game fine, installed the needed patch and it still says there's a key file that didn't come with the download. I used all the links provided and still it doesn't work. Can someone give me directions on how to properly format the theme?

redchick2008 06 August, 2009 16:06  

Ummm this is confusing... i looked at your previous blog and it mad no sense... im doing this using mozilla firefox if you could emial me at that would be great

cherrypuppet 16 August, 2009 11:33  

Um, I really need help on this one. Sorry, I've only tried downloading one theme before this one and I still don't really know what to do. What I did was I downloaded it from safesend, I unzipped the file using ZIPreader (it came up as a packman file)and then I tried both to rightclick on my desktop, go to properties, click change theme, and get that theme and I also tried going to the folder and clicking the icon that was the theme. It didn't work and a popup came up that said "The theme could not be loaded because one of the theme files could not be found..." and something like that. I tried downloading it again and then from another download link but it still didn't work. Sorry if this is confusing but I would really really appreciate it if I had some help T^T Thank you.

Not Fair 16 August, 2009 11:53  

did you put the whole unzipped file & folder into C:\windows\resources\themes (?). If you put inside and execute or double click the ".Theme" file should be ok one.

cheuk yie 09 January, 2010 20:52  

i download already..but it is in rar

Not Fair 02 April, 2010 19:15  

@cheuk yie
extract the file that inside the rar file into "C:\windows\resources\themes"

Selena Lie 21 May, 2010 15:08  

can u upload it again?? please...

autumnchibi 13 July, 2010 11:16  

aww it wont download can you please reupload?

ChonoSpirit ,,* 22 July, 2010 18:56  

can u upload again pls :( . file doesn't exist all link TwT

janaki1996 10 August, 2010 21:13  

it's everywhere deleted, so i can't download it!
do you know why?

Camila ·~ 16 August, 2010 02:23  

upload it again, please! or, if someone has it, please add me to msn caus I want it BADLY haha, thanks!

Camila ·~ 16 August, 2010 02:32  

upload it again, please! all files do not exist anymore TT.TT or if anyone who has it, wanna do a charity action, send it to me or add me to msn cause I want it so badly!

Misha 01 September, 2010 13:53  

all your download links don't work they've been removed D:

Misha 01 September, 2010 14:03  

i want it so bad but the links don't work T>T

~BluR BluR NaT~ 20 September, 2010 19:45  

Can you please be so kind re upload everything? I'm dying to have that theme! if you can pls send it to me on pls and thx! >.<

Not Fair 22 September, 2010 20:55  

Sorry, I dont have the backup copy as well.

Trueelf 25 September, 2010 18:35  

can you reaupload it plz? send it to me plz at thx

xyla_nicole 09 October, 2010 17:22  

waaa none of the links are working for me !!!
why !!! X(

Not Fair 10 October, 2010 13:09  

alright, since so many of you want the theme, I try to search it from the creator site...

Not Fair 11 October, 2010 11:37  

done, link updated :)

Carrie-chan 28 January, 2011 19:42  

Hey I Can't download!!!! Everywhere deleted link :( I'm so sad :(

Not Fair 31 January, 2011 23:51  

give me sometime to find the theme again, but most likely will be 1 week later, if the source still available..

werucchi 06 April, 2011 01:58  

I downloaded the game fine, installed the needed patch and it still says there's a key file that didn't come with the download.
How to really use this theme? D: I succeeded once but now I don't remember how to do it anymore

jidashia 20 May, 2011 22:06  

Hey I Can't download!!!! Everywhere deleted link! D:

Cat 04 June, 2011 11:13  

Hope you will reupload.
Can you send me download link to email: ?

Thank you.

Not Fair 12 June, 2011 22:41  

i know the file is deleted, upload on the way.

Otaku100% 15 October, 2011 17:21  

HELP!!! How can we download it???

jade 21 November, 2011 02:08  

hai, i want ask why it keep asking for the install on demand, i cant even open the file and extract it T^T

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