Kalafina - Seventh Heaven - review

Mar 17, 2009

Erm, not a really big news, maybe some of you already buy it or already know it, but I just got it fews day ago ^^. This is the Kalafina's Seventh Heaven album, which is very related to Kara no Kyoukai. The one I get is the Limited Pressing, which has include the DVD special (include some video of live & mtv). This album was released in around 04 Mar 2009. This time I am using my friend camera, Canon EOS 40D, which is quite nice (some picture was not clear because of my poor skill :p).

As you can see, I bought from Play Asia, and got a very nice picture and sticker of Shiki, the pose I like the most ^^. To tell the truth, originally I buy this album is because of Kara no Kyoukai, but I also love Kalafina song, which was very nice too.

This is the thing inside inside the whole album, the CD/DVD box, cover, sticker, and booklet.

Song Lists
01. overture
02. oblivious
03. love come down
04. 夏の林檎
05. fairytale
06. ARIA
07. また風が強くなった
08. 傷跡
09. serenato
10. 音楽
11. 明日の景色
12. sprinter
13. 君が光に変えて行く
14. seventh heaven

01. oblivious (live)
02. 君が光に変えて行く (live)
03. 傷跡 (live)
04. ARIA (live)
05. sprinter (video clip)
06. fairytale (video clip)
07. seventh heaven (video clip)

This is the 14 track and the 7 extra bonus from the DVD (limited press), which has the live and mtv, not bad ^^. If you got watch Kara no Kyoukai and listen to the theme song (which already released long long time), I believe you already listen to this few song - oblivious, 君が光に変えて行く, 傷跡, ARIA, sprinter, fairytale, and serenato. The first song I listen from Kalafina is oblivious(the first theme of Kara), and after that I am attracted to it ^^.

After a listen to whole album (now listen many times already), the song that shock me actually is the last track, seventh heaven, which is very very good. It is also the 7th theme song of Kara no Kyoukai Movie, Remix -Gate of Seventh Heaven-. Beside this song, other song actually also quite good, so overall the whole album is worth it, no regret.

As you can see, this is some of the preview of the booklet, actually still got more, but I didnt photoshoot all the page (due to the time limit, friend not free that day T_T). This few illustration actually is from each of the episode. Inside got many wording, currently in the way of studying japanese, so hopefully able to read and understand it in the near future lol.

Before my copied of the album arrived, actually I already download and listen to it (don't ask me where, you google it yourself), and inside has some scan, and found the picture (the right picture), I dunno where it come out, because my copied do not has that, really wish to has that, because she is very cute ^^, but I think is from different album or different thing. Anyway, this album really worth it, if you are Kara no Kyoukai fan or Kalafina fan, this album is for you. That all for today, thank you for reading.

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