D.Gray Man XP Theme

Mar 9, 2009

I come out repost something again, although this is not a new thing, but also not too easy to find it. This is the D.Gray Man XP theme, the anime already ended quite sometime ago, while the manga just recently start release(continue) again, so this D.Gray Man repost act as a celebrate of the manga release ^^.

I think D.Gray Man quite many people know it, so no need explain on it. While the theme as like other theme, just copy paste then apply, if do not know how to use it (solution?), please refer to my other post.
Erm, I remember previouly you guy ask for a eye shield and etc XP theme right? I currently still in searching for it, to tell to truth, see nothing >.<", but nvm, still will continue to search for it ;). 

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justin 10 March, 2009 05:11  

haven't seen d-grayman and only've read the first chapter, but seems like a good theme

i like the chibi chars lol

thx for posting

Eternia 10 March, 2009 16:17  

It has a lot of cute images *_*
Thanks for the post~~

Not Fair 13 March, 2009 21:47  

oh ya, another CLANNAD theme coming soon (Fatefan). The coming soon CLANNAD Theme using Windows 7 (fake) skin and Vista (fake) skin.

Currently downloading, and this theme include too many thing, so I has to test it more 1st ;).

justin 15 March, 2009 03:25  

fake? so is it still for Windows XP?

Not Fair 15 March, 2009 09:24  

the fake I mean here is the theme using the windows 7 style/skin only :p, posing soon.....

Amber 02 September, 2009 11:11  

Can you help? I really like this theme but I don't understand how to make this work properly.

So I extracted the download zip file and put all the files into C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes
Then I went to Properties, Themes and applied it. The tiny icons like for the Recycle Bin show up but none of the chibi pictures like you have in your examples. Did I do something wrong?

Not Fair 03 September, 2009 19:52  

did you mean only icon change? did the windows' skin changes as well? or become windows classic skin?

James 31 October, 2010 03:03  

its a great theme i hope there'll be more d gray man themes to come..

lhapokhe 30 May, 2012 09:32  

No me funciona en mi pc!! dice que esta edicion de windows no admite temas TTnTT
ke hago?
Ayuda please!
es una windows 7
alguna idea?

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