CLANNAD ~After Story~ Windows XP Theme

Mar 15, 2009

This theme, CLANNAD ~After Story~ (Final) theme is created by Fatefan again, and some of the extra features is with the help of the "Zero Team" boss fzhsow (previously I repost his work also, from the first few theme until the KEY's theme, and I under same team, but my job only help to repost theme >.<", I think Fatefan also in Zero Team). This theme is the final version and also the last CLANNAD theme from Fatefate, I think he won't doing any more CLANNAD Theme, I think he will start to prepare the April season anime theme.

As you can see, the preview has a Windows 7 skin/style, and also the transparent glass effect on the window. This theme has include with the Windows 7 skin, glass window and also the clock. The transparent has modify by Fzhsow to become more efficiency, and the clock is also created by Fzhsow (later will has a lot of explanation at below).
This theme not only has the Windows 7 skin, you can able to change to the normal blue color skin (a fake vista skin), so only has 2 skin, so you can choice the one you like it. Below has the solution and the downloads link of the theme, please read it carefully before use it ^^.

I nearly forget, this theme also include with the mouse right click skin and also the logon skin, below has more explanation and also the preview of the logon scree. This theme has include a wide screen wallpaper and also the wide screen logon skin. Originally this theme required to install, but because I has copy the theme file and folder after the install (I know install for you guy is quite troublesome ;), so I repack and share it with you guy. Remember to give credit to the creator (Fatefan) if you want to repost.

NOTE: If your windows has not patch with the UXTheme, please patch it before you process, you can find the UXTheme in my D.C. II Theme post.

  1. Download the theme from below links.
  2. Extract the file from the compress file you just downloaded.
  3. Inside has include "CLANNAD AFTER STORY" folder, "", "CLANNAD AFTER STORY.theme", "XP Login.TTF", and "Read Me.txt".
  4. "CLANNAD AFTER STORY" folder, and "CLANNAD AFTER STORY.theme" please copy or cut and to the theme folder. Path: "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes"
  5. Copy the "XP Login.TTF" into your font folder, this part you can ignore actually >.<".
  6. The "" just hold it first, later will be more explanation on the logon skin part.
  7. Now, select the "CLANNAD AFTER STORY.theme" which you just paste into the "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes", it should prompt you a display properties window, just click ok and apply.
  8. You can also choose between the Windows 7 skin and vista skin in the "Apperance tabs > Color Scheme" option there.
  9. If it has error like "something and something missing", then please refer back to my prevous D.C.II post, solution is there ^^.
  10. If your after apply, and no affect on your Windows skin, please refer to my D.C. II post again, you required to patch with the UXTheme.
Windows 7 effect After you apply the Windows 7 skin, in order to make it more look a like to the Windows 7 skin, you has to do something extra. Erm, I'm not sure it is just me or what, and Im not sure it is the transparent feature or the Windows 7 skin make me hang few time lol (I think is the Explorer hang), if you find out hang or what, please use back the normal fake Vista skin or don't use the transparent feature. My PC quite low spec :(.
  1. Go into the registry folder inside the "CLANNAD AFTER STORY" folder
  2. execute the "Install".
  3. After the "Install", restart your PC to take effect.
  4. If you do not like the Windows7 features, you can uninstall the registry by clicking the "uninstall" in the same folder. Restart to take effect.
  5. The features of the Windows 7 is the superbar (This fake skin please don't compare to the original Windows 7).

Transparent effect This theme has include with the transparent feature, you can find in the folder of "TrueTransparency". The TrueTransparency actually already on the market quite long time, previouly, my Windows also using this transparent lol ^^. This TrueTransparency is being modify by Fzhsow, heard is more stable from Fatefan, but fatefan has give advice, if you PC spec not too strong, please do not use it.
  1. Go into the "TrueTransparency" folder, execute the TrueTransparency. See below picture for details.
  2. Then the it will appeared on the tray in the taskbar, and now all your window will has a extra glass cover.
  3. It done, if you do not wish to use it, just has to exit the TrueTransparency under the tray on the taskbar.
Clock This clock is a clock that use on the desktop, which has the main female character as the skin, only has 2 skin.
  1. Go into the Clock folder
  2. Execute the Aclock, a botan logo will show in the taskbar tray, you can see below picture for details. By now the clock show appear on your desktop. This clock is created by Fzhsow, if you know chinese can visit ACG DIY forum (Zero Team forum).

  3. If the clock not show or did not show probably, I think is your system has no install .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, so you know what to do right?
  4. Right-click on the Clock, as show in above picture.
  5. The "in front of the program" option (sorry for the bad translation lol), basically when you select it, the Clock will show infron of the Window, it will not hide behind.
  6. The "lock position" is actually lock it in that current position, so that you can't move it here and there.
  7. Inside the option/setting, you can do few thing, refer to above picture. Just play around with it. The skin can be change inside the "skl".
  8. The transparent level the lower the more transparent the clock is.
Mouse's Right Click Skin This theme has include with the 8 different Right Click Skin, the preview picture already at above ^^. I forget to screenshot so I take the screenshot from Fatefan.
  1. Go into the Right key skin folder, inside totally has 8 different folder, I alraedy rename. I just take a example to show you how to use the skin.
  2. Go into any of the folder, choose the one you like, in my case is Kotomi. Then inside the Kotomi folder has 3 different file, see below picture for details.
  3. It has a file name "activate", "remove", and "CLANNAD.QM.dll", the .dll file will has different file name in different folder/character.
  4. Execute the "activate" file inorder to use it. You might need to restart pc for the effect to take place.
  5. If you want to remove, please use back the same "remove" inside the folder, or else it won't work.
Wallpaper This theme has include a normal 4:3 and wide screen wallpaper to meet user requirement, because now quite alot people using wide screen, go inside the wallpaper folder and change yourself.
Icon This time, I has forget to change the Icon before I save the theme, so you apply/change the folder Icon youself, sorry about that.
Logon UI This logon skin has include with 2 normal resolution and a wide screen resolution. The logon file is inside the logon folder, I already rename it. The preview picture already show at above.
  1. Remember the file "" which extract from this theme pack? This is the time to use it.
  2. Previously this logon skin replace tools is provided by Justin ^^. There are many replace tools, you just has to use the one you familiar(if you are using one).
  3. Extract the file from the "", and install it.
  4. Then, open the program you just install.
  5. Erm, select the "Select a LogonUI files", then choose the logon UI file from the logon folder, then it will ask you to press win key+L to preview.
  6. Then Exit, it should be change by now. If you want to use back your default logon UI, just click the "Reset LogonUI to default", that all ^^.

Erm, I think this is all (tired~), if you has any question can leave a comment ^^. Download links at below. Enjoy the Theme.

Download Links
Deposit Files
Easy Share

Logon Theme Download (added 3 Apr 2009)
[End here]

29 comment(s):

Pokkun 22 March, 2009 23:22  

thanx for the great share, I don't understand about copy the XP Login TFT to the font folder T_T

Not Fair 23 March, 2009 13:55  

the TFT dont copy also nvm, it not affect much i think. lol.

Hakkai 24 March, 2009 05:07  

Thanx for cool anime theme ^_^

I want to create themes too.
Maybe do You know which program Fatefan uses for creating themes?

Pokkun 24 March, 2009 18:17  

Whre is the Logon skin I can't find it in the file you share T_T

Oktavius Sinaga 26 March, 2009 12:12  

Great Theme, thanks for this theme. BTW you have shakugan no shana theme? I am big fans of shana. If you have it can you share it. Thanks before

Oktavius Sinaga 26 March, 2009 18:25  

Sorry I just want to ask about logonUI. I cannot find folder logon. Where I can get it?

justin 27 March, 2009 09:17  

do you happen to have any To Aru Majutsu no Index theme? I just saw the anime and loved it lol

kirua03 28 March, 2009 06:11  

if i am not mistaken this theme got for window vista vers. May i request for it? sorry because i cant understand chinese u_u

kirua03 28 March, 2009 11:57  

sorry, i cant find the logon folder

Not Fair 31 March, 2009 17:19  

I got.

@Oktavius Sinaga
Shana theme, i need to go search, i think can be found, i hope those download link are not dead yet.

nop this is not for vista, only got XP.

Not Fair 31 March, 2009 17:21  

sorry for slow reply lol, this week and next week really will be busy like mad, got few project need to due >.>" .....

Not Fair 31 March, 2009 17:44  

lol, i think i accidently miss out the logon file during the compression, give me sometime to upload ;). sry ya.

justin 03 April, 2009 01:17  

oh thx, i can't believe i missed that >.< if you have any more, plz post...thx again and good luck on your project...i'm busy with papers and exams too lol

krlitos 03 April, 2009 10:42  

hello, my name is Carlos, now a days I'm editing some windows xp themes, I asked to fatefan and others and told me no problem, so, I translated and did installer.

But, I'm Spanish guy xD

The installer works in english, Spanish, Portugues, and another languages.

I'll do more. but takes some time.

Use as you like.

PS: good blog!!

Not Fair 03 April, 2009 19:50  

erm, the logon file uploaded, so please check the link ^^. Sorry for the miss out, and thx to those remind me.

then will be great. The orignal installer alway not convenient with other language beside chinese, it really help much :), look forward to it.

justin 05 April, 2009 01:09  

looks like fate returned from hiatus and made a KnK theme >.<

Not Fair 10 April, 2009 21:05  

lol, sry for no reply so long >.>". I know, just found out yesterday lol, and already prepare to repost the KnK theme, later will up ^^.

Seirenji 14 June, 2009 19:07  

The clock doesn't work in my computer, can you give any solution?

Not Fair 15 June, 2009 18:35  

I think the problem is your .NET framwork is old version, if Im not wrong, this clock must have .NET 2.0 and above, you can get it from microsoft website. If it still doesn't work, then I don't know :).

Hope this help you.

Seirenji 16 June, 2009 16:18  

that's helpfully
mmm... can you make school days theme for me?

Not Fair 16 June, 2009 22:15  

I'm not the one who make it, If I saw a schoolday theme, I will repost, but not guarantee got or not.

463399757 01 December, 2009 15:39  

Hi i'm new here and its my first time installing a Windows XP theme, and I have a question. When I applied the theme the skin didn't show O.O the solution said to check the D.C. II post. My question is if i already patched or installed the UXTHEME at the beginning does it mean I have to install it again?

Not Fair 01 December, 2009 16:12  

if you already pathed with UXTheme, you need not to patch again. If the UXTheme you use is old version, then I'm not sure.

Oh ya one more thing, if you want to use the new version of UXTheme, you must 1st unpatch the UXTheme with the current version, then only apply the new version or else, that theme file will spoil and the theme will no effect anymore(this is what my past experiece).

not sure this guide able to help you or not, download via below link.

Sora 29 December, 2009 21:24  

erm...hi and nice to meet you.i just doo all the things u just mention,and restart the com,but while restarting,it just hang there,and i don have other chioce but to close it immediately....but when i restart my com,it only just have a black screen and the mouse cursor,just like that,can u help me

Not Fair 29 December, 2009 22:20  

sorry unable to help you since my knowledge is limited, and I never encounter such problem lol.

Corda 30 May, 2010 16:28  

Hey there,

I want to ask about the logon file.

I already instal XP LogonUI, but I can't find logon file for Clannad

I just found shana logon file on Windows\Resources\Logon\Shakugan no Shana

Could you help me for this?

Thx 20 March, 2011 04:48  

Is there a Windows 7 C L A N N A D theme? because I've tried to use 3 different Windows 7 ones and they all say download was removed :S

DeJay666 29 January, 2012 13:20  

could u please put logon file on different website since megaupload is down? thnx :)

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