Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company

Mar 7, 2009

Konichiwa, finally I finish rush a assignment, so I come out again to breath fresh air, with a short rest then I need to go back into my 4 project T_T. Long time did not really check on figure, when I check back, I saw this awesome figure up for preorder, first word from my impression is "wonderful" ;), her name was Black Rock Shooter, a cool name huh?

A closer look on the figure, which is very good and she is very cool too ^^. According to Good Smile Company intro on the figure, she is a original character, so I don't know much details also -__-, please read below comment for details, Eternia has give a short description ^^. Anyway you can see the original illustration at below, which is very nice ^^.

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Eternia 08 March, 2009 10:13  

For your information (also everybody else who doesn't know). Black Rock Shooter is actually another version of Hatsune Miku (the main character of Vocaloid). You can consider her as Miku's dark side, Black Rock Shooter is originally created by huke. This alternate Miku has gained a lot popularity over time, you can find many other artists drew her too in DeviantArt. And now, a figure, huh?

Not Fair 09 March, 2009 21:35  

oic, I personally love this 1 more, she is cool!
anyway, thx for you information ;).

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