Windows XP's CLANNAD Fuko Theme

Feb 24, 2009

This is repost of the CLANNAD Fuko XP theme, and it released by Fatefan again(a incredible fast update). Fatefan said that it will slow down the process in making the XP Theme because he quite busy recently. I thought at least can see Nagisa's daughter(forget her name) XP theme to released, but now has to wait ^^.

I remember I has been ask to search for Fuko theme quite a number of times already, and now it finally released, hope you guy like it ;). I know many people is Fuko fans, but I think most of the girls from CLANNAD also got their own fans, it is a good sign i guess.

I hope this repack of the theme will be no problem, if has problem please leave me comment again lol. If you can't use the .theme file, please read my other XP Theme post for solution. You can reapply everything on your own (include skin, sound, wallpaper, cursor, icon and etc). Recently I will go into super slow update mode due to the assignment work load is increasing, so don't be angry when I slow reply the comment or update ^^. Download links at below.

Download Links
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

8 comment(s):

Eternia 24 February, 2009 21:48  

Next: Sunohara Mei please. If you can communicate with fatefan in any case. ^_^

justin 25 February, 2009 06:11  

theme file seems to be working fine, thanks ^^

Not Fair 25 February, 2009 18:35  

I will leave a comment on fatefan blog, just hope he will make it, but I think if he want to make will also be very late, because he busy recently, that what i saw in his blog.

I glad it working fine ;).

justin 27 February, 2009 05:36
fatefan kuroshitsuji, a new theme? i felt like i've seen it before

Not Fair 28 February, 2009 17:42  

yes, it is new, it update on 26 FEB. 3rd version of kuroshitsuji from Fatefan.

Not Fair 28 February, 2009 17:43  

erm, i think the final version released already, if I repost I will take the final version one.

Ridhi Web Expert 26 March, 2011 02:06  

Do you think this is ironic? CLANNAD FANS ONLY!?
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