School Swim Suit Mecha Nurse Girl Nana

Feb 7, 2009

As you can see, this figure actually was quite special, I mean quite rare, because it is mecha + nurse + uniform, those who is the mecha lover, nurse lover and uniform lover, then this figure will be right for you ;). She is name Nana, and figure from Orchid Seed.

The thing I don't understand why it is a 'School Swim Suit' >.<", I don't see a swim suit. The equipment she taking are really gorgeous, syringes, surgery knife, and thermometer in some sensitive part (*nose bleed*).


Close look, really cute ^^.

She not only sexy, but also with a nice pose and she is quite cute too. She is a original character from the front cover of Megami Magazine Creaters vol.8, illustrated by Komatsu Eiji. Seldom has such a nice original character. She is schedule release in coming May 2009. Visit below links for more pictures.
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