CLANNAD's Nagisa XP Theme

Feb 16, 2009

Sorry for late update. The theme was create by Fatefan also, and this is Nagisa theme from CLANNAD. Fatefan said he receive a strong impact from the Nagisa on the anime, so he created this theme. Although I still not yet watch the After Story(recently on hold), I think I know what will happen >.<".

I personally like this theme, because the color of this window skin is quite comfortable. There is a Kotomi theme from Fatefan too, but that one I will repost in another time. If you know chinese, you can visit his blog for details. I hope CLANNAD fans or Nagisa fans will love this theme ;).

If you first time use the theme, please read my other xp theme post for the use and solution. Download the theme from below links.

Download Links
Deposit Files
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

13 comment(s):

justin 17 February, 2009 06:42  

thanks for the Nagisa theme, she really is an Ayu clone from kanon...and still waiting for dc pc repack and theme file

Raidou 17 February, 2009 14:11  

wow..Nagisa-chan themes ^_^...
great job bro ^_^...

is there any of Kara no Kyoukai char themes like clannad??:P
ex:Shiki,Aozaki Aoko,etc..:P

Eternia 18 February, 2009 08:33  

Yay, my prayer is answered, thanks!
I have watched all Clanned After Story episode, you got to download them all too! ^_^

Not Fair 18 February, 2009 09:54  

Glad you all like the Nagisa theme ^^. Just formatted my PC >.<", tired.

sry for the slow repack, I has download and the file is corrupted >.<", i think is because the upload process has something wrong, currently uploading. sry for slow process ;).

Currently there is still less Kara theme, while for the char theme like clannad i think I did not see any, but if i see any sure will repost ;).

I know, I watch until around ep10, but because recently too busy on assignment :), will resume soon, hehe.

justin 18 February, 2009 10:46  

no problem take your time >.<

Not Fair 18 February, 2009 11:25  

done, hopefully not corrupted again, if so i changed hosting. You go try 1st ;).

Not Fair 18 February, 2009 11:26  

i forget to said, this repack I didnt include the .Theme file, so you has to activate yourself. It is ok? If you want,I can repack again ;).

justin 18 February, 2009 11:50  

can you? you don't have to repack again, just provide a download for the theme file if you can please >.<

Not Fair 18 February, 2009 22:38  

ok, can you come back again after tomorrow afternoon. Hope its ok for you ;).

justin 19 February, 2009 06:02  

oh? what is the time region over there? i'm in CST

Not Fair 19 February, 2009 16:01  

ops, forget to said the time, me here is GMT +8 ;). I already uploaded, I hope it work,but the screen saver, mouse right-click and etc still need you activate yourself. Inside has 2 .theme file (because this theme has 2 different skin(nested skin)).

TheTriforcekeeper 22 April, 2012 08:49  

Just wanted to let you know that sadly, there is no download available anymore for this theme on ANY of the given sites.

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