CLANNAD's Kyou XP Theme

Feb 9, 2009

Another great theme is release, the theme also from CLANNAD, but this time is the Kyou only theme. The theme is create by fatefan again, fatefan is very hardworking and super fast in term of create a new theme lol. But thank to fatefan, we only can get such a wonderful and great theme ;). Be sure to credit him and thank him if there is a chance.

As you can see, Kyou theme was using a pink (? or dark red?) color for the skin, but I personally prefer blue or purple. But as long as those background pictures are Kyou, then Kyou's fans will be happy (I think). The best of the theme for me actually is the start menu, using Bonta as the logo, really cute ^^.
By now I think no need to explain how to use the theme, but if you encounter error, please leave a comment here, we can discuss it (but don't expect a ultra fast response, because recently busy on my homework). If you really no idea how to use it, please read my other XP theme post. Welcome to repost the theme to other place. Good luck and enjoy the theme ^^. Download the theme via below links.

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justin 10 February, 2009 07:07  

thanks for the upload ^^

and you're right about fatefan being fast, he released yet another CLANNAD theme lol

Not Fair 11 February, 2009 18:53  

lol, never thought it will be so fast >.<". I really can't follow the speed, thx for inform ;).

justin 13 February, 2009 01:20  

yep its impossible cauz he made yet another one:

XD I love this one though, the light blue color of the taskbar

Not Fair 13 February, 2009 23:09  

lol, i didnt know if you didnt tell me >.<". I also like Kotomi theme more due to the taskbar color.

Not Fair 13 February, 2009 23:11  

justin, the D.C. II theme will be repack, I think tomorrow will update the link ;).

Jinx350 14 February, 2009 15:33  

Just wondering... in the screen shots... the pictures of Kyou is relatively large... however when I installed it... I got a much smaller picture located in the bottom right hand corner... any way to "fix" this?

Not Fair 14 February, 2009 22:08  

are you mean those background picture of the window? What is your resolution now. At least give me a screenshot ;).

I think because is your resolution problem? I using quite small resolution lol (1024*, monitor spoiled already, currently using a old and small monitor :p ).

justin 15 February, 2009 06:11  

thanks, i'll be waiting for the DC repack and kotomi's and Nagisa's theme

Eternia 15 February, 2009 09:46  

Of course, it's because his screen resolution is large, kyahahaha. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can find Nagisa, Kotomi, and Fuuko's theme as well. ^_^

Not Fair 15 February, 2009 10:15  

D.C. II repack already, you can check at D.C. II theme post.

Next update will be go for Nagisa, so wait and see ;).

While for Fuuko, I need to go search through whole forum 1st. For fatefan theme, he still not mention going to make Fuuko, hopefully he will made ;).

justin 15 February, 2009 12:33  

hi, thanks but the rar is corrupted, i can't unrar, and there is no .theme file?

Not Fair 16 February, 2009 17:30  

it is corrupted? nvm i go check check 1st.

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