CLANNAD Kotomi XP Theme

Feb 19, 2009

Again, this is the Windows XP theme with CLANNAD title, featuring only Kotomi. As alway, the theme was create by Fatefan (again). Sorry for late repost, because got something to do, so the repost progress will be delay ;). Not sure who will be the next on CLANNAD XP Theme, but I guess will be Nagisa daughter(but fatefan said not enough picture).

Among the CLANNAD theme, although Nagisa and Tomoyo theme was quite nice, but I like Kotomi more because I love Kotomi the most ^^, and also this blue color also quite comfortable for me. Well, hope you guy will like the theme. Kotomi FTW!
As you can see, my windows in the picture was like vista (using a fake vista skin), so don't ask me why cannot be like that and etc. For the use of the theme, please refer to my other reposted xp theme for solution. Links at below.

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justin 20 February, 2009 06:23  

the theme file seems to be messed up...same with the DC II and Tomoyo...for example, the cursors path is wrong or ???, the default value for sounds and recycle bin did not put an actual path, but an invalid file name...

i fixed the kotomi one myself, but the DC II is more confusing lol, seems like the theme file wasn't written right

Evelas 20 February, 2009 06:39  

Not working for me, says a file (not specified) is missing.

Eternia 20 February, 2009 18:11  

Waaah. Kotomi-Chaaan kawaiii.
Thanks for the great post.

Evelas 20 February, 2009 22:26  

Aha, I found the problem. The Recycle Bin icons are mislabeled.

Not Fair 21 February, 2009 21:27  

best is the D.C.II reapply everything again in your pc. Because sometime the .theme not exactly will work when from 1 pc to another >.<".

if the .theme file not working, please reapply everything yourself, if don't know how to apply, please read my D.C.II theme post.

If is has problem, sorry about that, it might because I has done something wrong or miss some step.

Evelas 22 February, 2009 01:20  

If you open the .theme file in Notepad, look for:

; Recycle Bin
full=C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Icons\Full Recycle Bin.ico,0
empty=C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Icons\Empty Recycle Bin.ico,0

It should be:


justin 23 February, 2009 04:03

Not Fair 23 February, 2009 09:43  

thx for the info, but i remember recycle bin I did not replace any icon >.<", maybe my pc using different path in default lol.

wow, that was fast >.<". Thx for the info ;).

Eishun 17 March, 2010 19:19  

Some little fixing by me..

cursor setup and of course, the recycle bin problems

it should be perfect, maybe

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