Feb 6, 2009

Another great theme from fatefan, this is the CLANNAD AS theme. Fatefan making a lot of CLANNAD theme recently due to the good response of the CLANNAD fans, so it mean will be more CLANNAD's theme available in fatefan blog in the near future, either will be Kyou or Kotomi.

The folder background will be include various character from the series. This theme original required to install, but I only take out the thing that after install, mean you no need to do any installation (hopefully it work for you).
This theme also change the window start/off sound (most of the theme does). This theme also include a logon interface, it is not bad, but for me it too colourful, hard to see the word, but anyway it was a great work ^^. Hopefully you guy will like the theme, welcome to repost the theme to anywhere, but remember to state where it from, you can direct point to fatefan too. Instuction/solution on the theme and logon interface can be read at below. Download links at the end of the post.
Apply the Theme

  1. Download the CLANNAD AS theme at below links.
  2. After finish download, extract the CLANNAD AS to anywhere you like, the thing inside include a folder (CLANNAD), "CLANNAD.Theme", "Read Me.txt", and CLANNAD AFTER STORY.exe (this is the logonui file).
  3. Then, copy or cut the folder (CLANNAD), and "CLANNAD.Theme" and paste into the theme folder, "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes"
  4. After that, double click the "CLANNAD.Theme" file, and it will prompt you a "Display Properties". Just select Apply then Ok, then it should change the theme now.
  5. If the skin change to the Windows Classic skin, please refer to this solution [Patch (UXTheme)].
  6. If it prompt you a error msg about something missing or path wrong, please refer to this theme solution (from Apply the Theme to the end).
  1. Download the replace LogonUI software via here (link provider by justin). If you has any similar software then use the one you familiar with ;).
  2. After finish download the file, extract and install it.
  3. After install, execute the program, it will prompt you a window exactly like below picture.
  4. Then select the "Select a LogonUI file..." button, and find the file you want to replace, in our case, it will be the "CLANNAD AFTER STORY.exe" which include together in the theme you download just now.
  5. After you select a LogonUI file, it will prompt you a windows like below pictures, and the "Current Login Screen" actually will not be the same, it follow what picture you has in your desktop (I think lol), remember don't choose the wrong file.
  6. If you want to reset to default screen, just select the "Reset LogonUI to default..."
  7. Please read this before you press "Win Key + L" and apply the LogonUI. Don't go to select the other ".exe" file. Try to separate the LogonUI into other folder, last time when I using other program(similar like this replace LogonUI), my logonUI change to a installation process >.<" (because that time both the logonUI file and some other ".exe" file are in the same folder). I'm not sure this program is similar to the one last time i use or not, but anyway use it at your own risk lol.
File Sonic
File Factory

14 comment(s):

Kaede 07 February, 2009 09:48  

wow how do you have time to make these cool windows layouts? anyways thanks for another nice windows xp layout! I enjoy every layout you post =3.

Eternia 07 February, 2009 16:28  

Thanks for posting it here.
You make it easier to grab this theme. ^_^

Not Fair 07 February, 2009 21:55  

Thank god you like it, anyway I will tell the creator of the theme that many people love his theme ;).

I glad you like it ;).

justin 08 February, 2009 04:53  

nice, thanks again ^.^ i always wait for your post cauz u repack the files so i don't have to install..speaking about that, can you repack DC II PC XP theme so that no need to install too?

PS: you're right, fatefan made yet another clannad theme lol
it's Kyo!! my fave >.<

asianinjax 09 February, 2009 05:02  

I dont get how to apply the theme D:
I followed the steps but its just not working for me ):

Not Fair 09 February, 2009 20:37  

sure, but give me sometime to download and repack, recently quite busy (on assignment due date and test are coming T_T).

the Kyou theme, posting soon ;).

erm, where you don't understand? or when you apply the theme that time, it prompt you a error?

justin 10 February, 2009 07:04  

thanks a lot ^.^ I know you're busy, im getting swamped myself with classes

kirua03 11 March, 2009 07:01  

hye,this theme looks bad on my pc because i'm using 22inch LCD widescreen, can i ask for the 1680x1050 resolution? please u_u

Not Fair 15 April, 2009 15:33  

im not the one create the theme, if wallpaper, i think you can found it in many other website right? I know widescreen wallpaper was hard to find lol.

green_day_fan 25 January, 2010 06:10  

Woah! Amazing!! *-* Thank you!
There aren't Vista themes? ._.

wahyu 05 February, 2010 18:11  

why the CLANAD character not applied in my folder background?

animedreamer102 08 February, 2010 03:35  

Ish great!

I was wondering if it was possible to change some of the pics, like in the Start Menu? =O

Not Fair 02 April, 2010 19:17  

it is possible but you need to use software to do it..

saya 02 June, 2010 22:32  

what is the solution if the star menu or the bar did apply the pictures

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