No Photoshot Figure on C75

Jan 2, 2009

Some figure on C75 or Comiket 75 was not allow to photoshot, because it still not the final released or not yet approved. Anyway, although it said no photoshot, but it still got a lot of people don't bother "no photoshot sign", because it was too attractive maybe >.<". I saw the above figure on Dannychoo which posted by his reader, more defination of the "no photoshot sign" can be read at that post.

After I get my Figma Saber, I thought it will be my last collection on Saber, but now she release, and she enter into must-buy list. She was Saber Lily from Fate/unlimited Codes, the pose was damn cool. Although she not yet paint, but it already look nice, the facial expression was good too. Consider one of the best/ beautiful Saber on the market (although Saber Lily was the first one). 1/7 in scale, although was not too big, but the pose will make the whole figure look huge. Will be preorder her if her preorder is open.

Actually there were another super cute Nendoroid series will be release in the near future (but not confirm yet since it still not a final product) too, also a "no photoshot figure", she was Nagi from Kannagi, too bad most of this "no photoshot figure" picture already remove from those original source, so no picture to show.

Meanwhile, more C75 related coverage can be read at Moeyo.

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