Elfen Lied XP Theme

Jan 6, 2009

More anime XP theme was found, this theme was from fatefan too. This theme was from the anime Elfen Lied, this anime was very famous, but quite many blood (I heard), but I still haven't watch it lol, guess need to watch it, since it so famous and look interesting.

How to use it you can read at my other XP theme instruction. If the skin cannot change or become window classic skin, also go refer back for the previous XP theme post, solution inside there.

If the "Elfen Lied.Theme" after execute and give you a error msg about missing something, then please read the instruction which I posted in Tales of the Abyss's theme, more or less was the same if the ".Theme" file can't work probably.
XP Theme Download:

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justin 06 January, 2009 08:19  

nice one...the theme file worked properly for me...thanks! Still waiting on ef

justin 06 January, 2009 10:47  

NVM...i finally figured out how to register and even download the theme, so i got the ef theme along with the D.C.II theme already ^^ thanks anyway...if you need help uploading this or something, you can ask me

justin 06 January, 2009 14:03  

nvm, ef's password doesnt seem to work and D.C.II setup.exe seems to be corrupt

Kaede 07 January, 2009 08:03  

OMFG NO WAY, this is the most awesomest thing now.

Kaede 07 January, 2009 08:05  


Not Fair 07 January, 2009 09:34  

I go download and try 1st, recently abit busy, so all the progress might slow down lol.

I glad you like it ^^.

justin 07 January, 2009 11:21  

i did download them both...the ef one was an exe like the fate stay night and when i used the password, it didnt work...the Da capo one was also an exe but gave me an error when i try to execute it

Not Fair 07 January, 2009 18:56  

erm, I just download the ef theme, but not yet try. Later I try already I reply again.

Raidou 08 January, 2009 17:27  

wow..elfen lied..thx's a lot bro ^_^..i will try it, heheheh..
btw can i request the vampire knight themes in fatefan blog n naruto shippuden in forum??^_^

Not Fair 08 January, 2009 21:31  

the password didn't work I know why already, if you want it work, change your OS language to chinese, it should be fine, but anyway, I going to upload here which no need for installation.


can, no problem ;), but y I didn't saw Vampire Knights one >.<" . Maybe I miss see somewhere.

justin 09 January, 2009 00:47  

oh, so does the ef theme only work for chinese region PC? as for the da capo one, i uploaded it in megaupload here:


, maybe u can figure out what's wrong with that one...thanks much

oh ya, i believe the vampire knight is this one:

Not Fair 09 January, 2009 15:00  


it not only for chinese PC, just the password part, because that password was in chinese, maybe non-chinese system cannot convert it probably >.<", but not worry, I already make it work (the one I upload you no need to install, because I taken out the whole thing).

the D.C. that one 150+MB ? @.@" .... that was big.

justin 10 January, 2009 00:23  

ya, the D.C. one includes log in screens and all that...check out the screenshots at fatefan's blog

Not Fair 10 January, 2009 01:06  


After you finish install, and when applying the theme, it pop up error msg about missing something right?

If so, I think because the path problem, so in non chinese system I think it can't work. So what you do is, you need to manually use all the thing yourself >.<". I just try on my current english OS (did not change to chinese), has to manually apply all the thing include skin, theme and etc.

Not Fair 10 January, 2009 01:07  


if you when you execute the installer, it give you error msg, you should change the filename.

justin 10 January, 2009 04:29  

oh, ya..it fixed it when i change the file name ^^ thanks a lot!

Not Fair 10 January, 2009 12:18  


glad it work :). the D.C. theme I going to repost it here, by 2moro I think ;).

Warlord8197 07 November, 2009 04:41  

thanks for uploading it works

Lilium 29 July, 2010 03:06  

Honestly I'm a noob, I need help, after I download from megaupload, I can't open it, I think i'm suppose to change name of the file, so I did, but then It asks me what program to open it with, from then on i'm lost. ANyone can help?

Not Fair 08 September, 2010 14:16  

go google search for 7zip, and download install it then you can extract the file.

actrise 22 January, 2012 23:24  

plesa can u post this themes again?) i cant download(((

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