ef - a tales of melodies XP Theme

Jan 9, 2009

This was the ef - a tales of melodies XP theme from fatefan, because fatefan finish watching it and very love it, so fatefan create this theme for memories for the end of this epic anime. I still not finish watching the anime, and for the game, I only played the ef - the first tales 1st part only, I know it was very slow, need to find sometime to catch it up again. Well ef was a good game, and the story was really nice (at least what I feel), and I love Miyamura Miyako, and so I love this theme ^^. Download the links at below, if the theme not working, please read the instuction 1st (at below) before asking for help.

This theme itself contain 4 different colour, purple, green, blue and black. Each colour represent different character, while the black one was mix. If you don't understand chinese, please refer below picture. It also got 2 wallpaper, you can find the wallpaper inside the wallpaper folders.

If you 1st time using the theme, you can refer to the instuction in previous Window XP Theme post, everything was there, just some filename different only. If the skin no changed after apply or become Window Classic skin, this solution also written at there. If execute the ".Theme" file and it give you a error msg about "missing something", then please read/use the instruction/solution in Tales of the Abyss post.

Download Links
Megaupload (9 JAN 2009)
sendspace (9 JAN 2009)
Deposit Files (9 JAN 2009)
Uploading (9 Jan 2009)
Easy Share (9 JAN 2009)

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3 comment(s):

jakiitah_8 19 August, 2010 04:42  

This is absolutelly lovely n//n thank u

actrise 23 January, 2012 17:04  

need reposr =( can't download ((((

TheTriforcekeeper 22 April, 2012 08:57  

All links are down, would be very nice of you to reupload it somewhere once you have the time for it :)

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