D.C. II P.C. XP Theme

Jan 11, 2009

Oto~nee FTW!!!
Another gorgeous XP Theme from Fatefan, this theme using D.C. II P.C. as the theme. D.C. II P.C. has many new character add in, so in this theme you also can see quite alot of new characters. Each of the skin of this theme represent a single character. Still not yet played this game yet, but I love Otome the most. This theme has some limitation, because like some of the skin colour I don't like, but that skin colour was the character I like, if it flexible enough can also change the character then will be superior ;).

This theme required to install, but after install, the theme not working probably unless your XP was in chinese language, you need to use it manually. This theme was quite big, total was 150 MB+-, because it contain not only the skin (many), also the screen saver (which I still dunno how to manually use it), logon interface, mouse's right-click background and etc.
This was the preview picture of the logon interface, left one was wide screen, and right one was normal 4:3 screen. I using the preview picture directly from Fatefan, because my logon UI got some problem, it cannot be changed (maybe some important file spoil in my system), it only show the classic type login >.<". All the solution to use this theme was at below and it also include in the theme, download links at below ^^.

More preview of the theme
This theme instruction was quite long, from installation to apply, so I hope you can slowly read, and I hope you can understand it too (sorry for my bad english). Some of the term I used might find weird because I'm not sure what to use ;).

Another thing was, the solution I used might not be the best, or it might have a chance make your system crash (although I never), so used it at your own risk. Don't blame me if anything happen.

  1. Download the theme from below links, the size was more than 150MB, so I split it into two, so you required both to extract.
  2. After the download, extract the file, then inside the folder you should see the "D.C. II Logon" folder, and "D.C. II.exe".
  3. Execute the "D.C. II.exe", and it will prompt you the installation screen.
  4. Then clicking next (refer to the picture above), then next again until the page ask you the password, you can copy and type out that password into the box or if you lazy to type, you can copy the password at below.
  5. Then continue select the "Next" until the below picture, notice the red box, if your system does not support chinese it will has some funny word there, you can remove or leave it like that, either way will work. Then next again.
  6. Then after that the installation will start, it will copy the file into the stated location. At "Finish" page, unselect both of the option, one of the option was ask to apply the theme instantly, because the path has some problem (I think was not recognize in some system), it will prompt you a error msg about missing something.
  7. So this is it, you finish the installation, although the skin still can't apply yet, but by now you should see something changed, try to right-click on something, you should see the background changed. If it did not happen, it mean your system still not yet patch. Continue at "mouse right-click" section below.

Apply the Theme
Go to the "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes" and search for the D.C. II folder, everything was inside the folder. Actually now you can change those funny word into better name, since now you need to manually apply the patch, the original path name no longer important.

Mouse Right-Click Background
Inside the D.C. II folder, you can see many folder inside, the highlighted folder was the one that actually the "mouse right-click background" file. Each folder was different character.

Go into one of those folder, select the 1st ".cmd", as long as it not the ".cmd" that stated as "uninstall", refer to below picture. The 1st one actually mean "apply/use", while the one I stated as uninstall mean restore or unused the background. Because it is in unknown filename, so I don't know what it should name.

According to fatefan, if background does not change or does not appear after apply, either your system did not patch (the patch here mean using the UXTheme) or required to restart only can see the changes.

Using the Skin
There were Styles Folder and VS Folder, each of the this ".msstyles" contain few character skin, and different colour.
  1. Execute the ".msstyles" inside Style Folder will prompt a window, same as the ".msstyles" that inside the vs folder.
  2. The translation of those name under the "Appearance" can read at below picture the, the name that did not translate because I don't know who is she, maybe one of the hidden character from the game >.<".
  3. Each of the character name was having different skin. The preview of some skin can refer back to the above preview picture. Select the one of the character name in "Appearance", then select apply, after a while, XP skin will be change, if it no effect at all or it become Window Classic skin, it mean your system has not patch yet, please refer to below Patch(UXTheme) section at below for solution.

Patch (UXTheme)
  1. Download the UXTheme at below links. You can use some other similar function software/patch too.
  2. Extract the file after you download it.
  3. Execute the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0, it will ask you something.
  4. Follow the instruction, it should request to reboot after apply the patch, just select ok. If it is not automatic reboot, then please reboot your system. After apply the patch, your Windows skin will become the classic skin. After reboot will be ok.
  5. Side note: If you using this version of UXTheme, you must use back the same version to unpatch, or else it will have problem. Try now to use many time, it really will have problem >.<'.
Screen Saver This theme include a screen saver too, inside the "scr folder", it using the opening mv of the D.C. II P.C.(I think), but I still don't know how to apply it into the auto sceen saver, so if you know how to use it then apply yourself, you can also leave a comment here to share with other people. Alright, the screesaver solution was solve, according to Linkisi (see below comment), right click the icon of the screensaver file, then install, the screesaver will then can used ;). Sounds As alway, usually this kind of theme include some sound for start/exit window and etc. If it can apply in normal way by clicking ".Theme" file without error, this will be automatically change, but now like I said, required manual way, so you has to use it yourself if you want.
  1. Right-click the desktop menu bar volume icon as show in below picture, select the "Adjust Audio Properties".
  2. In the Properties, go to the "Sounds" tab, under the "Program event", choose one of this event, for example "Exit Windows", then select the browse, and locate the sound/voice/music that you want to use.
  3. You can preview the sound/voice/music by click the play button beside the browse button. After that select Apply and it done.
Cursors Cursors folder contain you mouse coursors icon, you can change it if you like it.
  1. Go to control panel, select the mouse, and Mouse Properties will pop up.
  2. Go to the Pointers tab, under Customize section, choose of the selection, for example "Normal Select", then click browse, and locate the cursor that you want to change.
  3. After selecting the cursor icon, select "Apply", and mouse cursor icon will be replace.
Folder Icon Theme also come with the folder icon, you can choose the icon from the Ico folder. Then select your favourite icon and use for the folder. This step was for "My Computer", "My Document", "My Network Place", and "Recyle Bin":
  1. Right-click desktop > Properties > Desktop tab > Customize Desktop (button).
  2. Under the Dekstop Icon window, select one of the icon inside the box, for example the My Computer. Then select change Icon, and locate the Icon file.
  3. After that, select ok, then apply.
This step was for other folder:
  1. Right-click any of the folder.
  2. Select Properties option.
  3. Under Customize Tab, select Change Icon, then choose the icon that you like, after that click apply will do.
Wallpaper This theme it come with 2 wallpapers, you can see it inside the wallpaper folder. I think you know how to set wallpaper, so no explaination :). Logon UI This theme come with a logon UI, there was a way to change it, actually it has few ways. Can use a software to replace the logonui.exe, but I do not has the software so I used direct way. I'm not too sure how good it is, and I also don't know it will make you crash or not.
  1. First go into "C:\WINDOWS\system32", locate the "logonui.exe", then make a copy of it, you can copy paste it into other place or at the same location.
  2. Then go into the DC II logon folder inside the D.C.II folder, use either one of it, rename the one you use to the "logonui.exe", then copy paste into "C:\WINDOWS\system32". If your OS was widescreen use the file that with the name of "Wide", or else use the "Normal" one.
Im not too sure how good this solution is, if I remembered correctly, after you overwrite the logonui.exe, window will ask you "some file has been changed, insert CD to recover" or something like that, just click cancel, actually best way was used some logonUI replace software, but I don't have >.<". If you want to use the logon replaceUI software, please read the comment below, Justin provide the link to download the logon replaceUI software, using this software can easily replace the logonUI. Final Words After everything was set, for example, you set the wallpaper, apply the skin, replace the icon, mouse cursors, sound and etc. For easy access the theme later, actually you can save the theme yourself, go to "Display Properties" (desktop right-click > properties), under the "Theme:" option, select "Save As", use any name you like. Next time you can just execute that newly save ".Theme" file, so you no need to reapply everything again when you want to use back the same theme. But remember, both ".Theme" file and the folder that store those wallpaper, skin and etc also needed alive(same location and etc), missing mean not work. This is the end, thank for reading, and once again sorry for my bad english. Hope you like the theme, ENJOY!.
PASSWORD Below was the password that use for installing, not go into this URL for password, this URL was the PASSWORD.

Patch(UXTheme) Download

Theme Download
Megaupload - Part1, Part2
Sendspace - Part1, Part2
Deposit File - Part1, Part2
Uploading - Part1, Part2

Theme Download (without install) (Updated 18/02/09)
Sendspace - Part1, Part2, .Theme file

[End here]

23 comment(s):

justin 11 January, 2009 12:35  

Hey, thanks for the guide >.<

I upped logonUI program for you, this can change log in screen:

one question, my friend was wondering if all fatefan themes will work on Vista?

Not Fair 11 January, 2009 14:02  


thank for the logonUI program ;).

erm, I don't think this theme will work on Vista, but I go ask and confirm 1st.

justin 12 January, 2009 04:12  

kay, thanks a lot..i was wondering because some of the themes' screenshot has glass taskbar

Not Fair 12 January, 2009 17:00  


I got glass taskbar because I using some of the fake vista skin (that one of the effect), so it is glass lol.

Confirm this fatefan's theme or the theme i repost all cannot use in Vista. If next time I repost vista skin, I will specify ;).

Minagi Reito 14 January, 2009 06:28  

all the themes are excellent ^^

Kaede 19 January, 2009 07:15  

This looks awesome, but I can't seem to use this... I go to Appearances (Display Options In Control Panel), I click on Windows and Buttons but I don't see D.C. II, I also tried clicking on Colour Schemes but I had the same problem. Can anyone help?


Kaede 19 January, 2009 07:35  

Even with UXpatcher I cannot install the DC theme :(

Not Fair 19 January, 2009 19:24  


sry for late reply, erm, by right the "Windos and Button" show empty. So the theme can be install and cannot be use?

Then I do not know, I never meet this problem :(. The theme always not perfect. sry can't help you :(.

Kaede 20 January, 2009 06:49  

Just as a heads up, When I try to set the theme in "Themes", I receive:
*The theme could not load because one of the needed theme files could not be found. This can happen with themes that are not installed or authored correctly. You should verify that the wallpaper, screensaver, icons, sounds, and other files are in the correct location. Theme: C\WINDOWS\resources\Themes\DC THEME 1.Theme*

Thank you anyways, I enjoyed other wallpapers you uploaded =D

Linkisi 20 January, 2009 16:10  

KK its really easy to get the screen saver to work. You just need to right click the icon and click the install option and wallah its there in your screen saver menu :D

Not Fair 20 January, 2009 20:58  


If it can't use in the .Theme directly, so you has to use click everything youself ;), I know it quite troublesome lol. Anyway, glad you like it ^^.

Wow, that was easy, never really thought it will be so easy >.<", thx for sharing ^^.

kirie 29 January, 2009 12:06  

damn it was toooo big, i will safe it for later T_T

thx anyway

LeonStrife 30 January, 2009 19:18  

i have installed dc theme and i want to change mouse right click background, i followed your instruction but i have a problem, my problem is in the four folders that you mentioned i opened all of them but there is no files in the folder.
i also properties that four folders and i got 0 files, 4 folders.

Not Fair 01 February, 2009 11:13  


File was missing? Then I don't know, maybe it get deleted by your anti virus?

jake8 19 April, 2009 07:57  

this is awesome is there a regular dc theme or just a dc II one?

Not Fair 02 May, 2009 21:57  

maybe yes or maybe no, if I saw any I will upload it here if you want :).

Skynet 04 May, 2009 10:14  

hihi konniciwa...i m new here..u guy got any Akane-Iro ni Samoru Saka themes....i wan that themes...pls tell me...

Not Fair 04 May, 2009 23:33  

got, few post below lol.


Not Fair 04 May, 2009 23:33  

or u try this

Vinh 28 December, 2009 02:15  

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the right-click image on the right-click menu bar? It's still there when I uninstall or change the theme.

Kujikawa Rise 14 March, 2012 14:13  

links are all dead x_X

Kujikawa Rise 14 March, 2012 22:58  

All links are dead :( Can you reupload?

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