CLANNAD's Tomoyo XP Theme

Jan 23, 2009

This CLANNAD XP theme was from Fatefan also, and this theme was only focus on Tomoyo, so who love Tomoyo very much then this definately is your choice ;). And I love this theme colour and Tomoyo as well ^^.

As you can see, the preview has some vista glass effect, it not because of this theme, it was because I using some fake vista effect, so don't expect too much. This theme cannot be use on Vista because it only for XP.
Originally this theme need to install, but again, the theme not regconize the path, so I just re-save the .Theme, hopefully it working ^^. If you thinking how to use this theme, please refer back to previous other "Window XP Theme" thread, because it was the same ;). Download links at below.

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Minagi Reito 24 January, 2009 05:51  

very nice this theme,Tomoyo is my favorite ^^

Not Fair 25 January, 2009 10:21  

Im glad you like it ;).

justin 30 January, 2009 07:56  

nice one!

I have a question, some of the themes like FSN, elfen lied, ef a tale of melodies from fatefan has an uninstall.exe, and my antivirus keeps flagging it as a trojan, is it okay to delete those?

Not Fair 30 January, 2009 16:07  

oh ya, you can delete it, I forget to delete it before I compress again >.<".

justin 31 January, 2009 01:46  

oh okay, i will do that then...

on a different note, Clannad AS theme is ready >.<

justin 31 January, 2009 01:47  

also, i wanted to ask you, did you use windowblinds to make your taskbar have aero?

Not Fair 01 February, 2009 11:12  


no windowblind, I think it call TransBar, the window I install it was like that (found on some torrent site)...

justin 01 February, 2009 13:06  

oh, but that only makes your taskbar transparent right? your clock also looks like vista clock, did you use vista transformation pack for that?

Not Fair 02 February, 2009 22:53  


erm, It also using some kind of third party software, but I dunno the name because this window I install by default already was like that ;).

TheTriforcekeeper 22 April, 2012 23:53  

Just wanted to tell you that all links are down. Maybe someone/you could reupload the theme elsewhere?

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