[XP Theme] Air, Kanon, Clannad & Little Buster!

Dec 5, 2008

Above picture from Clannad, this theme was consider related to Clannad too, and this was the KEY's theme, which is mean this theme contain the series include Air, Kanon, Clannad and Little Buster!, which is all from the company KEY. Actually I already uploaded this into mediafire, but alway forget to make a post >.<". Don't talk much about this series, the theme preview can be view at below picture. This theme the installation has abit diffrent from previous few theme, require daemon tool or related software.

This theme was from the creator fzhsow and his team, Zero Team (don't mistake with Code Geass), I'm also inside this team, more or least consider, anyway just help to repost into internation website/forum.

Actually when you mount the image file, inside has all the instructions, but in case, so i state all the installation process here below. So read carefully, I think it is quite straight forward, since this theme has the english with it. You can repost it else where, but remember to state the source ;). Any comment and idea will be appreciate.

  1. Download the theme from the below link, choose your favourite provider (although there is not much).
  2. Then extract the image file (.iso) from the just downloaded compress file.
  3. You can burn the image into the CD, but I think it is waste since it only has around 70mb, so virtual drive is needed, or you can extract using WINRAR. If choose to use virtual drive, Daemon Tools or MagicISO Virtual Drive will do. I believe most people know how to use it, if dunno, there is tutorial in the daemon tool or MagicISO official site.
  4. Mount the "KEY XP THEMES.iso", then a window will pop up. At the same time, it also include the song from this 4 theme.
  5. Select "English" from here. Then it will bring you to next page.
  6. From there, you has the option to choose Instruction, About Us, XP ACG Theme, HELP. Remember read through it ;). Select the "XP ACG THEME".
  7. From there, click on the theme you want to install, it will pop up the installation setup. And also remember click on the red box (Click here to copy installation password to clipboard), just click on it, the password will be auto copy.
  8. From there, just follow the instruction, when it ask for password, just right click the box and paste the password or ctrl+v will do. Then continue next, next and next (basically follow the instruction).
  9. After installation was success, finish with the selection of the "Launch KEY WINDOWS XP THEMES" for easy access.
  10. If you didn't create shortcut on desktop, you can find the theme shortcut inside the start menu, or you can found it in the "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\KEY WINDOWS XP THEMES". Each of the theme got 4 diffrent colour for the skin, include BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE and RED.
  11. Select the .theme file (for example, CLANNAD BLUE) from the themes folder or the start menu, it will pop up the Display properties, I think no need to explain from here. Just apply then the theme will changes
  12. You can also change the skin color from the Appearance tabs too.
  13. The changes of this theme, include the system sound (login, logoff, startup, or exit windows sound), screen saver, skin, wallpaper, icon and etc.
  14. If the skin did not changed after apply, or it become like Window Classic skin, select the "HELP" option from the step 6. Everything you need will be inside the HELP Section. If still can't leave a comment here.
Theme Download Link (updated on 07/03/2009)

Extra (extra wallpaper, system voice, and icon):

[End here]

15 comment(s):

sisquiede 25 December, 2008 16:03  

how to apply the extra files?

Not Fair 26 December, 2008 16:02  

that extra file u need to manually use by urself, for example the icon. You know how to change the folder icon right?

right-click folder > Properties > Customize tabs > Change Icon...

for those System voice:

right-click volume icon under the taskbar > adjust audio properties > Sounds > ... ...

Seraph Sensei 20 January, 2009 19:07  

can the theme be used by vista as well?

Not Fair 20 January, 2009 21:48  

@Seraph Sensei

Nop, it only can be use on XP.

Hatsune-Miku 02 May, 2009 20:15  

I'm having a problem with this. I've installed everything but when I try to change the theme it all comes out black on the display screen and turns into Windows Classic.

Anyone can help with this?

Not Fair 02 May, 2009 22:02  

did you apply the uxtheme patch and restart?

The windows usually wont accept any third party theme, that why the certain file need to be patch, and so, it must using UXTheme or other similar thing to patch it, I think i got stated in the "HELP" there.

or else you go to below link and read the UXTheme part.

hope this help you ;).

UsagiXKiller 11 May, 2009 09:00  

Everything from the themes are working except for the tab appearances and for some weird reason my the help from the ISO program isn't working. Can someone help me with this problem?

Not Fair 11 May, 2009 09:22  

if the other thing are working fine, usually the appearance there should be no problem, 1st of all, did the window theme change to the style of the preview picture? or windows classic?

Jake 18 October, 2009 15:04  

I dled and installed it but it still is window theme..only the background, screensaver, changed...i even did the help thingy from step 6 but i cant get into the site....what should i do?>

Jake 18 October, 2009 15:06  

I dled it and installed the thingy...but then...it still is window theme....only the background image and screensave changed...i tried to do the Clannad red theme too but it doesnt work....Help from step 6 doesnt work either since I cant get in somehow...what shoul i do??

Not Fair 18 October, 2009 23:18  

I think your XP havent patched with the UXTheme, you go to the step 6 there, click on the Help from the installer, it will pop up a helpfile (maybe), then u read inside, i believe got a part is about UXTheme.

If you can't find it in the help section, then go to here.
download the UXTheme, and patch it...

nordic-snow-wolf 22 December, 2009 07:52  

I've downloaded the patch but I don't know how to use it it comes up with a message saying "UXTheme Multi-Patcher v6.0 has detected there's any Windows NT setup file in C:\i386. It's not recommended that you continue with this"

Can someone please explain what this means and a way to fix it.

Not Fair 22 December, 2009 15:30  

proceed to this link ;).


ChevyMan 12 April, 2011 21:27  

I have enjoyed every theme i have found from this site. I just would like a theme for Kanon for windows 7 that would really make me happy thanks

JohnNguyen 22 July, 2011 22:38  

I can't copy password to clipboard
show me password

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