Unlimited Blade Works

Dec 11, 2008

Recent just finish the Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works (UBW) route, so it mean i just finish both Fate and UBW route, only left Heavan Feel. It took me around 1 week + to finish the 2 route (actual time is 2 days something only, because of my slow progress). UBW route was awesome, no regret to played it.

Some personal thought about the UBW. I like UBW more than Fate route because the story itself is more, not mean I don't like Fate route, well, this is just my personal thought, and it related to Archer and Shirou, the most important is about Toshaka Rin, Tsundere FTW! Playing visual novel was quite tired, because need to read the word (since it is novel), but when into the game, like non stop, because it is too interesting.

Although now I like UBW more, but can't tell after playing Heavan Feel (HF) will be what feeling, I heard and see some player comment that HF is quite good too, but recent progress will be super slow, because my usual monitor just spoiled, using the old back up, but that one my eyes will be more tired.

Once again, thank you for the translation by Mirror Moon, if without them, I think I won't be playing the game, since my japanese is no no. Since the translation just out 1 or 2 month, more people can played the Fate/stay night game, I believe it also help to increase more player on the coming soon Fate/Unlimited Code.

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kirie 13 December, 2008 01:53  

same for me I just finished it today, after more than 1 month and total time +2days, super slow :)

its true that ubw is the best,
but saber fight with assassin always ruin the mood :(

now I wonder why fsn animation take FATE true ending rather than use UBW true ending. I hope new fsn animation will come out soon

Not Fair 13 December, 2008 10:55  

fsn animation taking FATE true end, maybe is Japan FATE route is more popular? who knows >.<'.

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