Tales of the Abyss XP Theme

Dec 28, 2008

More anime theme from the fatefan, this theme was from the game's Tales series, Tales of the Abyss, it recently has the anime, currently air in Japan. Tales of The Abyss although not ultra popular, but I think many gamer who play RPG also played/heard about this game. My personal thought about this game was quite nice and interesting (this is truth), but I'm not yet finish played lol. NVM, back to the theme, this theme quite nice actually, but it has some problem (it cannot use like previouly the theme I posted), it need to manually use it (a normal way was failed, so has to be this way ).
Using the Theme
  1. 1st, download the theme from below.
  2. After finish download, extract the content from the compress file into anywhere you like.
  3. Inside the folder, it has cursors, Ico, Sounds, Vs, Wallpaper folder.
  4. Actually it is quite easy, 1st go to the Vs folder, inside the folder there was a "totA.msstyles" file, execute it, after execute, it will prompt you a "Display Properties > Appearance", select apply, and you skin will change, if your XP skin no change, then go to the below check for the solution.
  5. Other like the folder Icon, mouse cursor, wallpaper and the sounds, you need to change yourself, I think you know how to change right? If you think just the skin enough, then it should be lol.
Skin no change
  1. Download the UXTheme at below link. You can use some other similar function software/patch.
  2. Extract the file inside the rar/zip file.
  3. Execute the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0, it will ask you something.
  4. Follow the instruction, it should request to reboot after apply the patch, just select ok. If it is not automatic reboot, then please reboot your system. After apply the patch, your Windows skin will become the classic skin. After reboot will be ok.
  5. Side note: If you using this version of UXTheme, you must use back the same version to unpatch, or else it will have problem.
WARNING: This solution is found from the internet, although I have tried it and does not face any problem, but I cannot assure the reliability of it. It will be your own responsibility if problems like system crash occur after you use this method.
UXTheme Patch Download:

XP Theme Download:
MEGAUPLOAD (28th Dec 2008)
SENDSPACE (28th Dec 2008)
MediaFire (14 JAN 2009)
Uploading (14 JAN 2009)
Easy Share
[End here]

12 comment(s):

Raidou 29 December, 2008 01:08  

hhhwwwooohhh...Finally my request..^_^ thx's a lot bro..ready to Download ^_^,hehehe...

Can't wait 4 the next themes ^_^..
btw thx's bro :D

Not Fair 29 December, 2008 01:18  

special remind, this Tales of The Abyss theme got some problem, so manually activate those skin, or replace the icon, system voice and etc. ;)

Raidou 29 December, 2008 05:41  

@Not Fair
owh i see..it doesn't matter 4 me,i just have to create the .theme by my self ^_^ hehehe..

thx's 4 the share bro ^_^

Not Fair 01 January, 2009 18:37  

Missing for few days, just come back from hometown. Im glad you like it. Anyway will continue repost other theme :).

justin 03 January, 2009 08:40  
This comment has been removed by the author.
justin 03 January, 2009 08:44  

wow, awesome...can you post the ef a tale of melodies theme released recently by fatefan?

justin 04 January, 2009 06:10  

also, i wanted to ask how you sign up for the BBS? i tried to do it but couldn't get passed the security questions lol

Not Fair 05 January, 2009 16:55  


sry for late reply. the ef theme will be uploaded by next update, just free to get back online lol >.<".

can you please give me ur email? I help you sign up if you want, or u email ur email address to my email lo, [ arkchong [at] gmail.com ]

saichan1989 13 January, 2009 17:27  

I'm sorry to say, but i can't download from either sendspace or megaupload. Could you upload it at mediafire or 4shared? Thank you

Not Fair 14 January, 2009 10:28  


I try my best to upload to mediafire, the 2 provider you want I also got problem in uploading >.<".

Not Fair 14 January, 2009 10:50  

ok, mediafire link updated, it seem like uplaod small file was ok ;).

Hajarrul 24 June, 2010 22:39  

Hello, how to manually set the cursor, icons, etc? Please tell my how step by step. Really appreciate it. Thanks!

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