Rosario and Vampire XP Theme

Dec 20, 2008

Rosario and Vampire XP Theme, I think quite a lot people like Rosario and Vampire this series, so when I saw it, I repost it. Actually it also has the "desktop right-click background image, but that one I did not include, haven't test it yet, after testing will share it here As alway, I found this theme from forum ComicDD, if you know chinese, go there thank the creator too. You can also find others anime XP theme from there.

How to use the theme?
  1. Download the theme from below link.
  2. Copy/cut and paste the downloaded rar/zip file into the directory of the windows themes, "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes".
  3. Then extract the rar/zip into this folder, or right click the compressed file then "extract here". There is 2 file to be extracted.
  4. If your system not support chinese, the folder will show some funny word, but no worry, just double click the "rosario.Theme" will do. Remember don't change any name, especially the folder (include the content inside the folder).
  5. If after you apply the theme, the skin still no change, or it become Window Classic Skin, please read the solution at below.
No effect after apply
  1. Download the UXTheme at below link. You can use some other similar function software/patch.
  2. Extract the file inside the rar/zip file.
  3. Execute the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0, it will ask you something.
  4. Follow the instruction, it should request to reboot after apply the patch, just select ok. If it is not automatic reboot, then please reboot your system. After apply the patch, your Windows skin will become the classic skin. After reboot will be ok.
  5. Side note: If you using this version of UXTheme, you must use back the same version to unpatch, or else it will have problem.
WARNING: This solution is found from the internet, although I have tried it and does not face any problem, but I cannot assure the reliability of it. It will be your own responsibility if problems like system crash occur after you use this method.
UXTheme Patch Download:

XP Theme Download:
MegaUpload (20 Dec 2008)
[End here]

8 comment(s):

asukaisagoddess 05 January, 2009 04:45  

it tells me some files are not found when i do this what should i do?

Not Fair 05 January, 2009 17:00  

er, sry for late reply, can you screenshot the error msg to me?

boxfox 14 January, 2009 03:55  

hi, i'm webmaster of comicdd. thx for introducing our comic themes to english viewers. and these days we are thinking about how to make the themes useful for all langluage users. so can you give me an email to 97king(^) to tell me your msn? thx~

Not Fair 14 January, 2009 10:30  


I send you my MSN. I one of the zero team member lol -.-' ....

SinoVald 30 January, 2009 12:44  

Hmm....Somehow I can't get that background when I open My Documents or the Start menu....why is that?

SinoVald 30 January, 2009 12:46  

Also the windows and buttons do not change, as well as color scheme and the font.
Every time I try to change it, it changes my appearance back to windows classic style.

SinoVald 30 January, 2009 14:14  

Yeah, I've tried numerous ways of modifying the folder, but it seems that I can't do anything about changing the windows, font, and so forth......
Just like asukaigoddess, I think that there are some files missing, or the msstyles file is missing some fonts.
Some help would be gladly appreciated.

Not Fair 30 January, 2009 16:11  


Did you apply the patch?

If the .Theme cannot be used, please read my other post (solution is there) ;).

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