Kara no Kyoukai Chapter 4 Garan no Dou

Dec 27, 2008

Finish watching the Kara no Kyoukai Garan no Dou (空の境界 伽藍の洞), this was the 4th movie of the Kara no Kyoukai. This chapter was directly continue the chapter 2 (A Study in Murder (Part 1)), and Shiki get her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. Before continue, let me shout, "IT WAS AWESOME!".

As alway, Kara no Kyoukai was awesome, the starting part was really good, the music their use was GREAT (this episode ending theme with no vocal), it really does match the atmosphere. The starting was in year 1996 march, right after the event of chapter 2, Shiki traffic accident, and now sending to the hospital, and Kokuto was accompany as well. Some screencap below, just direct screencap from the player, so not that clear, but with the real thing, the colour, the sound all was damn awesome.

Doctors urgently save Shiki, while Kokuto was waiting outside. Shiki operation was successful, but she still in coma.

This is the world feel/see by Shiki during her coma, wandering inside this infinite dark and creepy world, the hollow.

During this time, Kokuto alway come visit Shiki with the flower.

Shiki still wandering inside this world, and she said 'this was the death'.

Kokutou after graduate and quit from the university, then work under Touko Aozaki. If not wrong, Kokutou last time tell Shiki before that both of them enter university together(?), since now Shiki was in coma, so no meaning anymore.

The doll created by Touko, I don't understand is why the doll look so alike to Shiki >.<", maybe Kokutou attracted by this doll and decided come to work?

The male Shiki was separated from Shiki, and it was mean the male's Shiki was dead, that why Shiki feel sad and lonely, and then she finally awake, after awake, because she see/feel death too long, so then she able to see those "line", and possess the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception".

The "line" that Shiki see

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception still not yet fully open

Long hair Shiki quite pretty :). Shiki feel very scare about those line, that why she try to hurt her own eyes, but luckily did not blind.

Shiki first time meet with Touko, Touko come as a fake doctor to treat her. Touko know about the "hole" inside Shiki, because another Shiki was dead so it will become empty. That why, many spirit try to get into Shiki body, since it has a hole.

Once again, Shiki want to damage her eyes, but luckily Touko come intime to stop her, and know about the eyes she possesses, she also tell her this eyes was really rare. Because male Shiki was dead, Shiki feel lonely, and dunno what she was, because 50% of her gone, feel not herself anymore. Touko warn her, she must awake now, or else, she will easily posesses by all those spirit inside the hospital, and bla bla...

At the same nigth, Shiki was attack by a zombie (a corpse that possess by a bad spirit), try to take over her body, those spirit cannot enter that room because Touko make a protection using that Rune to protect Shiki room, but it can be destroy by physical attack (by the corpse). At the sametime, it show Kokutou singing with a nice song, "SINGIN' IN THE RAIN", and the real fight start now.

Shiki attacked by the corpse, and then jump off from the window together with the corpse, and doing some stunt in the air, and Shiki done her favourite landing pose (sliding), cool. Shiki was like superhuman.

The corpse won't die from top drop from bottom, so it still chasing Shiki. Touko even use magic (Ansuz?) to burn it , but still no effect at all, Touko claim that because it is a corpse, no matter burn where also no use because it is die, so can't kill it. Then Shiki said "I'll kill it, no matter what it is.", cool phrase (with the bandage open and show her blue shining mystic eyes, the fighting BGM start here.

Shiki use her finger to cut the "line", but not too deep, her finger broke also

Dagger was really important in this situation, especially it was very benefit to Shiki, which was a dagger PRO. The thing I don't understand was, why Touko got dagger, but nvm, it not a important issue here lol. After get the dagger, the priority was not to cut enemy, was to cut her hair, because it was too annoying for her.

Shiki grab by enemy, this grab was full strength, because the hand was shaking, but too bad, Shiki like feel nothing -.-'

Kill the corpse, but Shiki was really tired now, maybe 1st time use this mystic eyes still not use to it

the corpse die, but the spirit still exist, so entering Shiki body once she relax

'I'll kill the weak me! I won't give you Ryougi Shiki', and so Shiki kill the spirit inside her with stabing herself. So the spirit die. So conclusion, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can kill anything.

So Shiki ask Touko teach her how to use the mystic eyes, since Touko said she can teach her in the early, but in exchange required Shiki work under her. Shiki also ask Touko was her job can kill people, reply yes, so agree to work, then faint. Still got some important thing said by Touko about the hollow, the hollow mean it filled without limit (I don't understand what to be filled, I need to rewatch!).

Next day, Kokutou come visit Shiki, and ask her weather she remember him, of cos she does (although early that time not really remember), and so Kokutou was happy about it. Then the ending theme ARIA was start.

Still got some scene after the ending theme, it show all the mini boss, chapter 1 mini boss Kirie Fujou, chapter 3 mini boss Fujino Asagami, the male in blood (maybe was another mini boss, don't know who he was). That big boss Souren Araya (I think he was big boss), he was a bounded fields master, can make people power awaken, and so all this incident was because of him, he planning to get Shiki power (maybe? I don't know). Below was the trailer of the chapter 5.

Next chapter will be the battle of Shiki and Souren Araya. Next episode also the longest chapter ever, sure has awesome big fight here and there :).

Kara no Kyoukai can only use AWESOME to describe. If you haven't watch this movie yet, go and watch it because it was damn nice. I really can't wait for the next chapter, the DVD will be released in next month (recent yen increase like hell, wallet going to cry T_T). This movie was really worth for collecting, but I miss the front 2 chapter limited edition T_T. The song was really well made, all the song also match the chapter. I think this chapter limited edition version sold out in most of the online store.

Sorry for my bad english and this super short summary. Lastly, thank you for reading :).

Theatrical Feature Kara no Kyokai Garan no Do / Animation

[End here]

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