Figures on Comiket 75

Dec 29, 2008

A very cute Nendoroid series by Good Smile Company, Hatsune Miku Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star cosplaying Hatsune Miku, she was damn cute.

Comiket 75 was just started yesterday, sure will be alot alot ALOT of people going to the C75, of cause, as alway I really hope I can go >.<". I'm not going to talk about any doujin, since just a picture won't help much, anyway, it just started, if you searching for doujinshi, search it at google, maybe now or next few day, alot of result return to you ;P.

Anyway, during this kind of big event, a lot figure company also will attend and display their (not yet announced) up coming figure. Although today was the first day, but some site already updated, and because it was year end holiday, so won't have too many update or the update will be slower on some site. I saw some of this figure on moeyo, and dannychoo. To tell the truth, alot of nice, kawaii figure will be release next year.

Really will poisoned by the Nendoroid series, this Nendoroid Kureha was really damn cute, in other way, abit regret reading the C75 coverage, other way was damn lucky to know such a cute figure release (in future).

Nanoha from Nanoha Strikers, this swimsuit version was not bad too, 1/4 in scale, so mean it was damn big, so after Nanoha, Fate swimsuit will sure to release, but I more interesing in their Barrier Jacket form :).

I think she was from the next month new anime series, if not wrong the anime was call Sora o Kakeru Shoujo.

Although no figure preview, but I believe it won't be bad, I believe in Good Smile Company. This was the Fate/unlimited codes character, she was saber since her name and the Avalon word was there, I think was Saber Lily (maybe?) from Fate/unlimited codes, 1/7 in scale, schedule to be release in June, so won't be long to wait the preorder start.

Nice, and sexy figure, character from I don't know where, but from the artwork (damn beautiful), I can confirm it was from Tony Taka, Tony Taka was famous in the artwork, who has read doujinshi or related stuff, know about Tony Taka right?

That all for today, thank you for reading. More coverage/picture/review can be read on Dannychoo, Hobby Stock Blog and Moeyo.
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