ebCraft's Ciel Clerical Garment & Battle Dress Ver.

Dec 6, 2008

Seldom see ebCraft release figure, previously 1st time I know about this company was the Fate/stay night saber dashing pose ver. figure (that 1 was very nice), but I can't buy it (abit too late that time), but then it release the Hyper Fate Collection, that one I have it, but turn out to be abit disappointed. This 2 figure was name Ciel Battle Uniform (Sentoufuku) Ver. & Ciel Clerical Garment (Hoi) Ver. from the Melty Blood Re.Act (from Type Moon), and the pose quite cool, and the weapon too. From the picture, it not bad, hopefully when the real product release won't be disappointed. Both of it will be release in Mar next year, with 8,53 yen. More detail visit below links.

Melty Blood - Re.Act - Ciel clerical garment (Hoi) Ver. / Figures & Dolls
Melty Blood - Re.Act - Ciel Battle Uniform (Sentoufuku) Ver. / Figures & Dolls
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