Comic Fiesta Malaysia 2008 Day 1

Dec 22, 2008

CF08 - 01

The poster of the Comic Fiesta 2008, I spot this one on the entrance of the Sunway Convention Center. This is some of the photo I took in the Comic Fiesta 2008 two days ago(saturday and sunday). It is a great event, a lot people, a lot figurine, a lot nice cosplay and etc. I saw many fox's artwork in this comic fiesta, I believe this year title was fox. Again, I has delete and drop a lot photo from my camera and my friend camera, due to some technical and the camera quality, so a lot photo wasted. Lucky this time my friend Glenn, who was help taking a lot photo, his skill better than me. Some part like during the stage performance and the group cosplay competition, there was totally cannot do anything for us, too far and the camera not strong enough.

CF08 - 02

This is Gembak magazine booth that outside the Exhibition hall, can buy the magazine from there too. There was also has those snack booth, toys booth and etc.

CF08 - 03 CF08 - 05
CF08 - 07 CF08 - 08 CF08 - 11 CF08 - 09

d code (or d-code?) selling some nice, hot toys, like figma series, nendoroid, gundam and etc. And also accept preorder I think, also running promotion too if not wrong. On their booth got Nendoroid, figma display, really not bad.

CF08b - 01 CF08b - 03

Inside the exhibition hall, there is a lot of booth, like the HP booth, Imation, toys, make-up (dunno call what), The One Academy, Artist Booth(the place where selling those fanart, doujin and etc) and others. The Artist Booth layout of the hall can be read from here. There was not much people when it just start, but after around 1 hour, it getting crowded. Actually from the start, can spot quite many cosplayer walk here and there, and photoshooting, cosplay photo will be at below.

CF08 - 12

The stage of the CF08, I like that backgound picture of the stage alot. There was a lot of artwork related to CF08(many of the character was fox ...), and some art & fanart by PRO display just right beside the stage.

CF08 - 23 CF08 - 14
CF08 - 19
CF08 - 37 CF08 - 34
CF08 - 39 CF08 - 36
CF08 - 28 CF08 - 29
CF08 - 42

There was a lot of nice figure can be see in this even too, inside the Figurine Exhibition Booth, I not sure those figure was bring by Toys Shop or fans, but I think was by both.

CF08 - 43 CF08 - 45
CF08 - 83 CF08 - 75a
CF08 - 75
A ultra rare Saber from ebCraft.

CF08 - 55 CF08 - 76
CF08 - 56 CF08 - 52
CF08 - 64
Recent release ALTER's Hayate Yagami.

CF08 - 73 CF08 - 72
CF08 - 49 CF08 - 66
CF08 - 87
CF08 - 92 CF08 - 91
CF08 - 94
CF08 - 102

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII cosplay, not bad. Actually on the 1st day of the CF08, the cosplayer not as many as 2nd day, but still quite a lot, I did not took all, and I heard one of my friend said, after I left(because I went home early), a lot more cosplayer arrive, that was a waste >.<". In this event, I saw a lot of D Gray Man, Vampire Knight cosplay.

CF08 - 111 CF08 - 108
Gintama 02 CF08
CF08 - 109 CF08 - 105
CF08 - 116
A famous RO (Ragnarok Online) emotion, which sold at the Artist Booth.

There were more photo in my Flickr profile, so visit there to view more on the event, although not help much. The only thing I bought from this event was the Nanoha doujin, the main character was Arisa, a story that similar to Haruhi Suzumiya anime, but the drawing quite good.

CF08 - 117

Other blogger coverage can be visit at below link, if I found any I will update it here.
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