Comic Fiesta 2008 Day 2

Dec 23, 2008

Comic Fiesta '08 Day 2 cosplay photo, actually today I just go in see cosplay, and the stage performance, and the competition, so all photo was cosplay related. I also forget to mention one thing, inside the hall, the lighting was quite poor, but anyway, since I'm using digital camera, if lighting better, the photo will be nice if near, but far, not much help, really require those SLR type.

Today cosplay actually was more compare to Day 1, and many of them are very nice, the outfit was cool as well. The cosplay I remember and spot was Odin Sphere, Vampire Knight, Gintama, Macross Frontier and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (damn rare). More photo can visit my Flickr profile.

CF08 Day2 - 20
CF08 Day2 - 27
Jack Sparrow, he was attend in the PSP show before too.

CF08 Day2 - 28

Detroit Metal City character cosplay, nice and cool. Photo taken from Kurogane.

A rare cosplay from MSLN series (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha), Hayate Yagami, I think was 1st in Malaysia, I seldom see MSLN series cosplay too. Photo taken from Kurogane.

Lelouch and C.C. from Code Gease cosplay, very nice, the outfit was great.

CF08 Day2 - 38

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