StrikerS Sound Stage X

Nov 27, 2008

Recently take quite a lot time from the Fate/stay night game, english translation was release, so time for the play(still not yet finish, in slow progress for me). Then, yesterday using almost half a day to listen to this wonderful Sound Stage, which is name StrikerS Sound Stage X (Nanoha Drama CD).

Although it is consider spin off of Nanoha StrikerS, but this is focus on Teana, Subaru, Caro and Erio story after 3 years of the Nanoha StrikerS (Teana definately the main character). There were also other characters, like those Numbers' appear in Nanoha Strikers and etc. If you haven't listen to this Sound Stage, then must listen to it, unexpectedly good. This Drama was release 1 month ago, and the pre-release was few month ago, I think still not much people has listen to it. You can get it from Play Asia, Amazon Japan, CD Japan, or you search it from google.

This Sound Stage only name StrikerS Sound Stage X which is why did not has those S or SS mage appear (I mean Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Reinforce, Vita, Signum and others), but it is unexpectedly good. I think never even said one word about those name lol. After listening to this Sound Stage X, Fate was refer to Erio & Caro mother, because Subaru said "they as stubborn as their Oka-san", so now Fate is finally become a mother of both of them (last time in Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 04 also has mention anyway).

Teana, Subaru, Caro, and Erio, all of them has growth up since it is 3 years already. Caro with long hair (very nice, still cute), I like Teana in this hair style (just a personal taste), and become much stronger and powerful, they sure learn a lot of strong skill from Nanoha they all. Subaru as alway, quite fun to listen to her, and she is quite active in her team now, same goes for others I guess, especially Teana.

Teana was become a commissioned officer(not sure is call this or not). A very famous skill and very shock to listen in this Sound Stage, Teana with Starlight Breaker, still not as powerful as Nanoha.

Vivio growth up abit too, and learn a useful search magic, and helping in the Infinity Library, not sure what her job rank call, and most important is she is very look alike with Nanoha now, can feel another similar type of Nanoha, like daughter like mother, another devil(?) has born >.<", and she alway Zenryoku Zenkai lol. Vivio growth up definately can become as powerful as her mother. Too bad no battle from her. If Vivio got use Starlight Breaker in this Sound Stage X then will be awesome lol.

Ix, Subaru and Vivio.

Then the new character from this Sound Stage X, a girl name Ix, and save by Subaru. She is a king from 1000 years ago, which is quite similar to Vivio, but she will go into sleeping and do not know when will wake up, that why she wont growth or die. Ix is very cute, too bad too little of her picture. In disc 2 track 19 "1000 years", Subaru visit Ix when wake up, she also chat with Vivio. She stated, everytime she wake up will have war and etc, if you listen to the Sound Stage will know. This is of her last natural wake up, after sleep again, never know when will wake up again (1 year, 10 years or 1000 years), really make me want to cry T_T, but she sleep like happiness child :'). Also happy for her, because this time she awake can have diffrent view and the feeling about the world. I really really wish she like wake up normally, and has a full happiness life.

The main song (ending song), My friend by Kawada Mai, was really really match the whole Sound Stage X, this Sound Stage X was touch, sad and happy. Below has the ending song. Enjoy. The StrikerS Sound Stage X was translated some in AnimeSuki, you can go there have a look in that thread, it did not arrange probably, so slowly read through the thread ;).

[End here]

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