International Saimoe League Champion

Nov 11, 2008

Japan Anime Saimoe Tournament just ended last week, and at the same time, the International Saimoe League 2008 also just ended not long ago. The champion of the 1st International Saimoe League was Feito (Fate T. Harlaown) from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Her opponent in this final match was Nagato Yuki from the series Suzumiya Haruhi no YĆ«utsu. Congratulate to Feito ^^. Other standing information please visit ISML.

And also be ready for the ISML 2009, it will be start drawing on 20th of November. This tournament will be finish in 1 year time, quite long, but quite fun too. There are still has 2 tournament on going, include the Korean Super Moe Tournament 2008 and China Saimoe Tournament 2008.
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