Fate/Unlimited Codes

Nov 17, 2008

This is the Fate/Unlimited Codes or Fate/UC, it is a fighting game which using the Fate/stay night & Fate/hollow ataraxia series character, the game was develop by Capcom (previously on arcade if im not wrong) and this will release in PS2 platform, Fate/UC will be release in coming Dec 18. This PS2 Fate/UC also include a few extra character, and also a special Saber version, which is in white armor form, and quite sexy too, and it name Saber Lily. This game special box was include the Figma Saber Lily, so it is a very limited edition (below).

Below has the newest trailer of the game, which look cool and nice to play. It got special and normal version. You can preorder the game from Play Asia, Amazon Japan and etc.

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