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Nov 29, 2008

Not some interesting news, but found this provider and quite useful(maybe), zazzle, which has the service to allow user to using picture to make T-shirt (print the picture to the T-shirt), name card, cup, and etc. I was thinking like because maybe some anime's fans want to print some anime related picture(like the character) into the T-shirts and wear. Beside this, the customer can design a T-shirt or anything, and sell on zazzle, which mean the user/customer can earn commision from there.

So I register and try some of it function, and making this T-shirt. Concept from the anime sola, the design was the cloud (i love cloud^^). The cloud was using some Photoshop brush to paint, then upload the picture into zazzle. Not yet buy the T-shirt, so do not know the quality.

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